Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Witness the transformation!

this post has lots and lots of pix. that's what i get for not updating my blog every couple of days and waiting a week...

anyways on friday i went with Pam and the kiddos to Amberg shopping and swimming... and at one store i picked up this

you see just a normal pencil case...

but i had an idea to do this with it...
it now holds all my crochet hooks and necessities and some of my DPN's
it had this cool pen with it with tons of refills in it so i kept that..
on sat we went to Playmobil land. in front of the castle was some stocks for pix... so here's one of my DH and the kiddos...

there were tons of play things that you can buy in small sizes like pirate ships, a gold mine, a farm, castles, tepees and a tree house and more and more. it was very fun! (besides the rain that is...)

the girls took a ride on one of the cows....it didn't really go anywhere but they enjoyed sitting on it..lol

the bub and her daddy took a ride on a raft. you can see the pirate ship in the background.

ok anyways ATTN Sock pal LOOK at my progress... the toe looks huge but remember I've not blocked the sock yet.

I've decided to knit all my socks using the short row toe and heel.
it goes so much faster and produces a much more rounded toe (and heel) and i don't have to sew up any toes which is an added plus!

and here's a close up of the heel.

I'm loving this heel so much I'm tempted to frog back my husband's socks to do this heel. i haven't decided either way on that one yet though... LOL I've got concentrate on finishing these socks first... Ah ha ha who am i kidding I've gotta finish the first sock and then work on the 2nd sock...eek.. must get cracking only a month and a half left.

i wanted to share a pix of the front of the sock so you could see how the colors are pooling i like it so pretty!
i told my DH i was going to write nasty things about him here b/c he never checks me out and he'd never know... but i don't think i'm going to. it just sucks that he doesn't take a min to check out my thoughts...i don't know why..i guess i've created such a "life" here so to speak and it seems that he's never really noticed. maybe after i said something he'll come check me out. if he does he better leave a comment...LOL
(man i'm so demanding huh?) LOL
i've become totally obbsessed with amigurumi lately check out the link! i'd really love to get a book like celeste did over at the amigurumi along i'm part of.. scroll down just a bit.. while you're there check out the wonderful creations we've made so far! i've been trying to finish up some other projects before i start on another amigurumi...LOL such self control it takes!i'm just babbeling here sorry.

so i've been pondering selling some of the things i can crochet or knit also maybe some hand dyed sock yarn and i've tried my hand at some straight needles (I'll share pix another post since hello's being a booger right now) and my friend kelly suggested some of the candles i make and maybe some cards and such... so i guess i'm bringing it up here what do you think? i guess i'm not so sure what there's a market for etc.. leave me a comment LMK what you think.


Christine said...

O my Gosh, O my Gosh, what a beautiful sock... I hope I am your sockpal ;)

Catherine Kerth said...

i love that sock! short roews huh? i need to find patterns for that:) looks like the girls had a lot of fun:) hope DH checked your blog out! my family really doesn't read mine either!!!!

Megan said...

I totally love those socks! Great job! :)

Kelly said...

Hey girl!!!! I SAID you needed to have a rough draft of your business card to me ASAP. LOL j/k I totally think you need to start a business!!! and your fam looked like they had so much fun. AND the sock is awsome I'll have to learn your secrets love you!

ladylinoleum said...

Great sock!

Yep, you should definitely try to sell some stuff. Hey, if I can sell my wares (i.e., crocheted dead chickens), you definitely can.

Ruth said...

ditto on the socks... i love how they look!!