Saturday, August 6, 2005

more projects?

yes i know that is what you're thinking.. but i promise i'm not starting anything else unless i finish some of the stuff i've already started on first.. so now on to my post.....
wednesday the kiddos and i went to the library and look at what i checked out! (i'm thinking of adding the purple crochet one to my wish list it's super fab.. along with the vogue knitting one...)

they actually had some newer books usually they're like from 1960's or something... not that they're bad but some of the stuff is like er uh... no thank you... LOL. on thursday i went to weiden and bought some more yarn. and found some hemp/twine there also and that prompted me to start this project..

Crochet me has a great jute basket on their new edition...check them out! so while i was looking thru the books i've been pondering making a little felted bag for myself.. so i finally started...

see i'm using a stitch that kinda twists. i'm using some noro yarn from a RAOK way back in Feb! here's the post check it out... and a big thanks again to Alyx she RAOKs! i mean ROCKS LOL (see i'm finallymaking something for myself and using the yarn!)

i'm hoping when i felt it the twists show up! here's a close up... i've still got a ways to go but feast your eyes on the wonderful colors.

i'm crocheting it's super fun to do it b/c the colors are so pretty!
anyways that i swear is the last project i start until i finish some more on my side bar... i promise...
on to other things
the booty has been standing up more and more on her own.. i even took a pix yesterday!

we also went to grafenwhoer to a volkzfest (spelling??) and the bub enjoyed riding the rides. it was supposed to be 1/2 priced but i don't think anything was.. ARUGH! but we had fun anyways!

yummy things there.. it was almost like a state fair.. but with out all the crafty goodies there.. bummer that would've been awesome!
so with that i'll leave you...


Anonymous said...

Yay, I am so glad you are getting to use the yarn, and it's even better that you are making something for yourself with it! The crochet looks great, I need to learn to do that.


NKTN said...

It's Noreen, over @

I just posted the KnitPicks SAGA /slash/ Sattire that you previously commented on. . .


Garnet said...

Who is the author of the simplecrochet book? I love the slippers on the front! It looks like something I could do!

Garnet ;)