Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hat Box

I signed up for winter wool a while ago. And I just got my package today! I'm SOOO excited! Kiki was my swapper. she did an awesome job!
thank you so much Kiki... Her son is sick so she said there is more coming. Thank you so much ..You're awesome!!! I hope your son gets better soon,.
here's the loot! isn't t pretty? There's some great little extras there too. Some flower thingys. I think for making pom poms. And then a change purse and some roving for needle felting. which I don't know how to do.....But there's always time to learn right? Insert evil grin!
so big thanks to you Kiki. And well wishes and prayers are being sent to your son! Now what am I supposed to make with all this lovely yarn?? any thoughts?

so I finished my BIL'shat. It's crochet'd in the round.. He wanted a spiral type hat. There's the hat on my head.. It looks a little weird his head is bigger than mine so it hangs a little low on my head. I hope he likes it... I'm not sure if I do.. Here's another shot I like the angle...
what do you think?

the progress on the baby sweater is coming alond I'm on the arms now.. Well one of them. I didn't like the way the increases were K1f&b so I made one instead I like the way it looks better. so I'm re knitting the arm that I frogged back... I didn't take pix of it. but maybe tomorrow. or maybe not you see my friends Kelly and Pam are coming to visit this weekend so I'm not so sure I'll be around at all I may be though. (they're bringing their fam's btw) fun for the whole family! I cannot wait! I'm going to be working late tomorrow so I don't have to go in on Monday. That way I can say good bye properly! I'm so excited. I haven't said anything before b/c I was nervous about jinxing it. And I sooooo want to see my girls again! I will def take pix and share them..
speaking of good news. We are making a bid on a house.. Yes we found one.. Hopefully this one will work out! We're praying about it and I believe that if it's the right house it will work out for us. It's everything we've been praying for and even more. So if you think about it add it to your prayers! Thank you! I will share pix of the house after we know more! I'm trying not to get my hopes up incase it' s not the one... We have looked at many many many many houses and we told each other we're not settling. So with that mindset we started looking. Now we think we've found it... So that's why I'm trying not to get too excited. Well I'll TTYL


Pamela Foreman said...

The hat looks great! Great box of goodies too! OOOO, I best be getting ready, I'm suppose to leave for your place soon!!

Catherine Kerth said...

i love your winter wools! those colors are soooo you! great! hope you have fun on monday with your ladies! ummm that sounded bad huh?

Shelley said...

You got presents! Lucky girl! They look does the hat. I have sent up a prayer right now with regard to the house situation!

faraboverubies said...

I think the daisies are for winding yarn balls:
I've been wanting some of those!