Saturday, February 18, 2006


No longer! look at what i have received! it's soooo pretty i'm drooling to make some socks! this sock yarn is no longer unloved! Wanda sent it to me! it's awesome! i love it one skein is opal it's just beautiful and super soft! the regia is sooo pretty i can't wait to knit it and see how it turns out! look here's another pix

thank you sooo much Wanda i love your unloved sock yarn.
it's soo beautiful!
i'm just glowing here! this was one of the most fun swaps i've done in a long time!


Wanda said...

I'm so happy that you like the sock yarn. There was nothing wrong with it, but it wasn't really my colors, so I was happy to send it on. I'm very happy that they work for you and that you love them. All in all, a great deal!

jessica said...

Hey allena, I sure have some catching up to do... That pic a few posts ago of bella is so sweet, she is getting big:O( They grow up so fast. You scored some great sock yarn! Love that opal! Oh yeah, that thumb thingy is really cool! That is a really cool and fashionable idea to help bubba, hope its is still working for her! TTYS! lots of luv!