Monday, August 21, 2006

Soooo what up? Not too much here. I'm getting my fix of dark angel on the sci fi channel.. yep I'm sci fi freak. Well not totally just certain shows. Dark angel is one of them. I usually like watching the low budget horror/sci fi movies they show on the channel on the weekends.
anyways I'm almost done with the presents I've been working on that I can't show you. Believe me they're turning out wonderfully! I'll show pix soon. As soon as I finish and send them off. But to hold you over. The bub got a letter from a gal at school a couple of weeks ago. It was for a Flip-Flop exchange. So we had to copy the letter move the 2nd name to numero uno and put the bub's name in 2nd. Then send it to 6 friends and also send a pair of flip flops to name numero uno. So we bought some cheap flip-flops and some bernat boa yarn and put them together and voila we got fluffy, fuzzy flip flops. We sent them off, I hope the little girl who gets them likes them. I know my gals liked them I had to make some for both of them..

anyways speaking of making things I found a link to this wonderful craftster post from someone's blog but I can't remember who's. So if it was you thank you sooo much. I then took the "pattern" from the post and made the bub a new skirt. I decided to leave the edges out so they would fray and look neat. I used 3 pairs of jeans that she had worn holes in the knees. This is the result of the skirt. It's really cute and I am glad I was able to make her something out of the jeans I would've normally thrown away. It looks really cute on her. She has this thing where she always wants to wear dresses. So I've given in and I've been working on making and finding some clothes for her to wear to school.
so yeah that's about it. I'm out.


Pamela Foreman said...

The skirt is neat!! Good job!

Amy Lu said...

I love that skirt! Iris has some jeans that are too worn for goodwill, but still in good enough shape for this project! I'm so excited!

There is no end to your craftiness!

Shelley said...

The flip flops are cute, and I'm sure the recipient will love them.

You did a great job on the skirt, and when the edges fray, it will look cool too.

Catherine Kerth said...

okay that skirt is AWESOME! great way to recycle, very creative ;)

Heatherly said...

you asked me
noni majolica vase bag i think. i updated the post with where to get the pattern, but the are becoming readily available now that cascade220 is distributing them.

Tamara said...

Great skirt!! My 9 yo daughter wants to make one, so I'm grateful for the pix and the link!