Saturday, August 26, 2006

Thanks all around.

So first I wanted to say That I'm SOOOO sorry to Catherine. About two months ago we traded. I gave her 2 jars of Hot pepper jelly (and a real small one too) and she sent me... This.... Beautiful Box o yarn.
I know I don't even know how I forgot about it. That is until the clean up bug bit me last night. And I was straightening up my craft things. sooo inside the box was some lovely sock yarn. The beautiful Heather Neapolitan yarn and the pretty blue and green one that Catherine couldn't remember who it was from or it's name. I happily give it my home! I can't wait to knit it up but I'm working on finishing my socks and then I'll be doing a pair or so for Sock Wars... YES I'm in and sooo excited. (if you look on the side bar my fighting name is ullenasar)
so before I forget Catherine please please forgive me for taking so long to post about this beautiful yarn. Thank you sooo much for the trade I hope you enjoyed the jelly as much as I'm loving this yarn!
you're the best! Look at the pix they're kinda dark on the computer here but I took them at night! I am in love with pinks and browns. But my true love has always been blues and greens so these yarns just fit right in.
During my cleaning spree last night I put all my sock yarn into gallon ziplock bags b/c I've seen a moth or two flying around inside the house. (I think it's from the pushed out screen in the door you can guess who did that) so I'm not taking any chances. It's all zippered up and it gave me a chance to figure out which yarn I'll be killing my target with in sock wars.
I've finished all the presents I was knitting and just found out that Pam is expecting #4 sooo I'll be starting something again soon once I find out what she's having.
the past couple of months, I've been after my husband to let me Knit him some felted clogs. He finally said I could so I'm working on the 2nd one now.
This past week I got a package in the mail from my friend Danielle. What a great package inside was a note saying she found this yarn at a garage sale and couldn't pass it up, cause she thought of me.
How sweet. So inside it was a ton of yarn. Lovely lovely yarn. There is some blue mystery yarn and white cotton yarn and red yarn here's a pix on label.. I thought it was quite interesting. What do you think?
it says specially treated with Aloe. Soothes your hands as you knit.. LOL it truly doesn't feel any different. But I'll take their word for it. I've been teaching the bub how to crochet. So she's excited about the yarn too. What I'm PUMPED about is all the "off" white yarn. Its' 100% wool YES I've been wanting to dye some yarn I've actually been itching to do it! I'm soooo excited.
so thank you Dani! I love you and miss you tons! Now I've just got to get to the store and get some dyes.
anyways I do have more pix to share but I'll have to do that tomorrow this post is becoming a book. And I'm not sure if blogger will let me upload any more pix and I'm sure you're all sick of seeing them.
have a great night!


Rain said...

So now there are two yarn fiends in the house. That could be dangerous.

What lovely packages

Pamela Foreman said...

All that yarn is great!! Have loads of fun!!

Catherine Kerth said...

oh no! THANK YOU for the yummies ;)

Jeanne said...

It must be nice to have friends sending you yarn! Love the Heather yarn - is it sock yarn? Have fun with dyeing!

Shelley said...

Lucky you!! Look at all that yarn! I love the Neopolitan and the blue and green - they are going to make something pretty for sure!

Can't wait to see the dye jobs on that white wool! I am wanting to try some dying sometime with something that isn't Kool Aid and vinnegar...probably won't get around to it for awhile though.