Thursday, August 31, 2006

Craft your blues away

This past weekend i was busy busy busy. i like to be busy. So I've been wanting to make one of these for a very very long time. I've just been putting it off. So finally i got it together and made myself a needle roll. And it's all from extra fabric i had. So to the left is it all rolled up. It's a dark jean outside with some pretty green ribbon. I got the ribbon from my COT girls. We decided we all had much stash and should get rid of some of our own while saving money and getting new stuff. Stash exchanges are pretty fun. Ok back to the needle roll. i had an idea in my head what i wanted it to look like so i just kinda went from there. so on the right you see the flower fabric that i used for my humongo bag i made a while back. The Orange fabric i grabbed from the stash exchange. Now opened up is where it gets interesting. i wanted a tall pocket for the longer needles and also some wider pockets for the circular needles and short pockets for the DPN's and crochet hooks and other odds 'n ends. If you look closely i sewed in some safety pins for my stitch markers to hang on.. Most of them in the pix are from my sister. i have to say I'm proud of my work. It has room for more needles and rolls up pretty nice.
that's not all i finished this weekend. i finished the baby gifts i was making for my friend Kelly
but i can't show them to you until they arrive at her house. Then I'll share all the pretty pix. I also finished my DH felted slippers. They're drying right now. And i put some rug glue on the bottoms for traction so i have to wait for that to dry before turning them over and taking pix. Once they're dry I'll be snap snapping away!
Tonight i made sauce. I was gifted last week with some wonderful tomatoes and after eating tomatoes tomatoes and more tomatoes i still had some left over. There was enough to make one pint of sauce so i did just that. It's canned and ready for eating or storage. I'm glad it turned out really good. I tested some. Yum hopefully my DH will like it. though I'm not sure about him he's sooooo picky!
I'm also working on some ideas i had in my head. Just working on a few different projects that I'm really not going to share yet b/c if they don't turn out I'll be bummed and feel stupid. Anyways I'm off it's late and time for bed...


Pamela Foreman said...

The needle roll is awesome!! I'm in the process of making one for my crochet hooks. Have one for the knitting needles, now I need some place for my hooks!! Hope everything else turns out good!!

kmckiernan said...

That is really cute, I love the idea!

Kelly said...

Yeah that thing is totally cool! Put one on and I will buy it from you! I need something like that totally! I want those candles on there too!! Heck just load me up and charge it! ;-)