Saturday, September 9, 2006

County Fair

So Monday we went to the fair and just today I got around to downloading the photos. I didn't have anything entered in the fair but I wanted to check out the scope of things anyways. When I got into the craft barn there wasn't much in the knitting category at all so no pix of that. I was scoping out to see what I should enter for next year. LOL sneaky I know! There was a lot of crochet and quilts. I took only like 2 pix b/c my Dh wanted to get some lunch. Anyways the flag one is really cool up close in the white there was a verse embroidered in there. Beautiful! And I'm related to it's creator she's my DH's aunt. Small world huh? So the purple and pink one is the one that won best overall. And I can see why it's a beautiful quilt. I absolutely LOVE the edging that this quilter did. Those are the only craft photos I took. But pretty huh?
So you can't go to the fair with out seeing the animals. At this one they even had a "petting" part. It was fun, I was excited to see the pigs. When I was a kiddo I always wanted a pot bellied pig as a pet. (never got one though)
here's some pix of the girls petting the animals. We were really lucky to go on such a nice day. Starting Tues it rained pretty much the whole week. Well yesterday it was nice and today too. So yeah lets not talk weather ok?
so some time ago Amy was doing a flash your pets thing and I JUST now got around to downloading the photo. She even made a button.
go ahead check it out!
Here's the pix...... His name is Simba. We rescued him from the Indiana County Humane Society.
we're just now getting all his little friends gone ear mites, fleas etc. He's so funny. Weird and yet very gentle with the girls. He's also gained some weight since we got him which is good b/c we could see his ribs when we first got him Now not so much. He's so spunky it's funny. We love to watch him and the girls love playing with him so he's a great match!

update on the Sock Wars. I had to bow out of the war. (insert crying face here) I was so excited to join and I thought b/c it's Sock wars that we'd be using sock yarn... But if you check out the latest post the pattern is going to call for DK weight. I tried that "wrap" thingy to see if I did actually have some DK weight yarn and no such luck. I'm totally bummed. But hey that's ok I was having a hard time deciding which of my sock yarn stash I would want to use. I'm still really bummed though. (crying face again) so So sad.. I would've rocked the war I know!


CynCyn said...

simba is ADORABLE!! I'm so glad you rescued him from the SPCA... there are so many kitties and doggies who are looking for love.

Pamela Foreman said...

The cat is cute!! Not a fan of cats, but hey, I'll still like you! LOL!! Tks for posting pics of the girls. I love seeing them! Sorry you couldn't be in sock wars. Ugh! I know you were looking forward to it! Miss you!