Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Today, I just wanted to share with ya'll the horrible slippers that my DH has been wearing for a long time. Obviously you can see he wears them a lot by the pix. From before he bought them I've been telling him that I could Knit him some felted slippers that would keep his tootsies sooo warm he'd love them. Finally he asked me when I was going to make him some slippers. (I think it was after he wore a hole in the sole of the slippers.)
so immediately I began working on a pair of felted clogs in beautiful earthy and manly browns. They're really easy to knit and felt really nicely. It took me about a week to make them among other things I was doing. I used elann Peruvian highland wool for these slippers. I love that yarn it's really great priced and in a wide variety of colors. And it's soft by itself before felting after felting it's great too.
anyways I used up some skeins of wool that I had in my stash. (yes I'm trying to knit only from stash these days. It's going well!) I didn't have enough of one color so I made them all stripey. What do you think?
so today I come home from work and spy these horrible UGLY redneck (no offence to those of you who take pride in being redneck) slippers by the book case. They weren't even trying to hide. Immediately I go WHAT IS THIS??!!! Don't you like the slippers I made?!
My dh soon informed me that my FIL had bought them for him. Now you fellow knitters out there know exactly what I'm thinking, so go ahead and add a few choice words. So I'm really a little pissed off to say the least. Even though he insists that he likes the slippers I made part of me thinks my DH said something to his dad to make him buy a pair of slippers. b/c who really just goes out and buys a pair of slippers just outta the blue, ususally you buy them when someone needs them. Dh said he can wear the stupid redneck slippers outside, or in the basement. But nothing was stopping him from wearing the ones I made him outside or in the basement. I 'm half tempted to trash them with the black ones. I'm really upset. I've made a mental note to never ever ever knit or crochet something for my FIL. My dh is on thin ice as it is. so he'll be lucky if I make something else for him that's 2 hats, a pair of socks and now slippers that he HAD to have and doesn't use... hmm go figure.
So tell me what do think?


Pamela Foreman said...

Well, you know what I think!! Argh!!

Tara said...

I think, if he doesn;t want the, I'LL take them!
I think my hubby would DIE if I made him those. He'd love them. He's a slipper fanatic. Do you have a pattern? Or a link?

Mitchypoo said...

I think men can be incredibly unthoughtful creatures...I was going to say stupid, but oh, that's my ex husband, not yours... ;)

Amy Lu said...

Save the slippers you knit, let him wear out the redneck ones, and then re-present him with the woolen wonders. I'm sure he'll be convicted to the point of falling at your feet, grovelling for forgiveness. And he'll only wear felted slippers for the rest of his life.

One can dream, can't they? :o)

Catherine Kerth said...

ummmmm, yeh, i think you should hide the redneck ones and put the ones you made out..... my dh always wants me to make him stuff and he only wears it once!

Shelley said...

I think just for that, dh owes you one huge honkin' yarn shopping spree! That should help...and of course you won't make him anything with the yarn either... ;o)

Oh, and he should only wear the redneck ones when you FIL visits. Any other time he MUST wear the felted clogs - especially while watching you knit something for someone else!! Think that would work?

Abigail 1870 pearl said...

Remember what the Harlot says.

"Knit where you are appriciated."

Don't waste your time and frustrate yourself again! Let it go and send the slippers to someone who does appreciate them.

On the other side of the coin maybe he feels that he can not walk on knitted items they might to delicate to use..just a thought.

Susan said...

If your husband is going to go outside in those hideous slippers, you're going to have to take some drastic action. Either that, or he's going to have to do something very, very nice for you to thank you for making him the nice slippers.