Monday, September 18, 2006

The bub

**special note** this is just for the last post. I'm so over it now. I was upset at the time b/c as a knitter I want the recipients (heck everyone) to appreciate, love and cherish the things I spend time on. So if they don't I get upset b/c I don't understand them. Also I hate wasting time sooo if it's not wanted I don't bother KWIM? And also My DH has been awesome he hasn't said anything about the redneck slippers or even touched them. (do you think he saw the last post?) and he's been wearing the hand knit ones instead. YES he gets props for that! Ok I'm done now on to the regular post*

Ok so this past weekend was The Bub's weekend. So I just wanted to share some photos of her for you to enjoy. Or myself to enjoy. Whichever.. It all started on Friday 7 years ago that is.. She was born. Thurs night I decorated the house so when she woke up it would look soo wonderful for her birthday. So we celebrated with our family in the AM by gifting her with a CD/radio/tape player for her room. And it's Spongebob.. He's the best.
she loved it. On Saturday was her school's fall festival we went for a little bit she got her face painted. She decided on a ice cream cone.
then we left there with some friend for a Pirates game. On the way there Madison and her friend decided to take some pix. I'd let her use the older digi camera for her fun.
once there I let her use the camera to take pix as she wanted. Later on in another post I'll show you photos that she took but this post is all about the birthday girl. At the game they took some great pix. We had tons of fun celebrating her birthday at the game. We got home late and of course the kiddos were wiped out and were asleep almost immediately on the way home.
on Sunday was the Bub's birthday party. NEVER again. Ok not really but next year it will be a sleepover. It was nice though to meet some of her friend's parents. Well really to connect the kid with the parents. This pix (with the denim box) it's filled with makeup. These next photos I'll let you figure out the captions for yourself. They're hilarious.
so she had a ton of fun and felt special for the weekend. I think it was good for her to have a weekend all about her. Anyways that's it for now. Tomorrow thru the eyes of a 7 year old...

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Pamela Foreman said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADISON!!!!! The pictures are great!!! Wish we were there!