Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Making Christmas!

Have you noticed at the stores that all the Halloween AND Christmas decorations are out? I was surprised to see the Christmas Decorations out so early. I absolutely love Christmas and Halloween with all the dressing up is fun too. One way I like to satisfy both of these holidays is by watching my most favorite move: Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. It's not your typical Christmas move, if you haven't seen this move you MUST. You will fall in love with it almost immediately. The story is creative and lets your imagination run wild. Did you know it was the first full length stop-motion animation movie? (I'm sure you knew that already)
Well I found this website, collectibles Today. They sell fine collectibles and gifts. They have a wide selection of collectibles, from different themes to licenses like Disney, Thomas Kinkade, and Simpsons. But they just recently announced Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Decorations Go ahead check it out. Now you can decorate for both Halloween and keep the fun up for Christmas. There's other decorations in that store. But I really enjoyed looking and drooling over this Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas Village The village is handcrafted and brings Jack SkellingtonĂ‚’s Halloween Town to life! Plus they have the train, which is also handcrafted.Ii can just see the village set up under aChristmass tree with this great electric train going round and round.
Yes it's a Nightmare before Christmas Train!It'sscollectiblee so if you have a collector in your family it's a must have! Check out the photos they're really great. Ii thinkIi may have to ask for these forChristmass. So what are you waiting for?


Pamela Foreman said...

Oh my gosh!! Thanks for this post!! We love that movie as well and this is so what I wanted to get someone for Christmas!!

Megan said...

I *heart* NBC!