Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Have you seen it? Socktoberfest '06! I signed up last year and I'm glad to do it again. Since then my sock yarn stash has grown and I need to knit it up into beautiful beautiful socks and stop hoarding it. There are tons and tons of people signed up so why haven't you?
Now I've been posting a lot lately but I've also been working on some things. So to show you I took pix. First off is a scarf. Made from some shlubby yarn I call it that b/c it's hard to explain. The close up will show you it's think in some parts and thin in others. This scarf is an adaptation from the one skein scarf in The Happy Hooker. I made it skinnier and shorter. I don't think that it will get kicked off the runway though...LOL The scarf only took me about 2 hours to make in all. Maybe less than that, it's a super easy project. I got the yarn from my COT stash exchange. I took it b/c I thought I could use it. The scarf is a gift for an exchange I'm part of and I don't know if she'll like it super duper long. I love super duper long scarves that I can wrap around and around and around and still have it hanging to my knees. I had a wonderful scarf like that but I lost it.. Well I have this habit of taking scarves off places and forgetting them. Which is what happened to the last one. I'm thinking about making myself another one. But you know me I'm always making something for someone else. Not that I mind. I enjoy that. But I'm also on a yarn diet big time due to budget restraints. So I'd have to use my stash and I don't have any yarn I'd want to make a scarf out of. I'm thinking bright colors my fav's lately are lime green,blue, purple, pink and brown. And not in that order. Anyways on to the rest of my projects.
I'm also crocheting an afghan for the same exchange the scarf was made for. It's a round ripple afghan. I love the way it is looking. I can't wait to see it when it's done. I hope the recipient likes it. It's really easy to make and brainless crochet so I've been working on that in the evenings when I've got "my" time alone with my shows. Tonight it was going to be Project Runway but it's not a new episode. I have to wait till next week. It's totally killing me! I love love love love LOVE that show! I should be sleeping but I quickly switched to CSI NY. And started composing this post for Ya'll. How ever will I finish a project if I'm online all the time.
but I find the time somewhere. I'm also actually working on my socks. Yes a project for me I've taken it off the back burner and started working on it again.. I'm not that far but it's coming along well. I took a pix of the patter close up. My camera stile never ceases to amaze me at the quality of pix it takes. This was taken tonight over my hand not very much lighting but hey it turned out! Anyways the colors are a little washed out but pretty still.
anyways I would tell you about my evening, but I don't want to make this post boring or annoying. Lets just say I 'm not going to run out of gas ever again!

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Pamela Foreman said...

All your projects always look great!! Love the socks and the blanket!