Friday, September 22, 2006

Get your Fash On

Did you ever play with dolls when you were younger? How about dress up? If you don't have a daughter it may look funny if you play with dolls now.. That is until you visit this site. Dress Up Games for girls (you know it's not just for girls though) This site is great it lets you create dolls from several different templates. The doll maker program is so simple to use and so fun too!
Go check it out but beware I spent several hours here trying to figure out which avatar would look the best. At first I wanted to be a mermaid, then a fairy then I thought maybe something normal. The possibilities are endless. It's really fun to play with these dolls. I finally ended up with this hot little number. It's really fun to make all different types of dolls for your use in forums, chats or whatever you want to use the avatars in. You can dress yourself up like a vampire to celebrate Halloween. There are some great dolls that they have for you to look at and they even have a doll chat. I didn't get to explore all the different fun options they had there so I encourage you to go check it out. I liked this one she reminds me of Cruella Dev il only in her prime LOL. There's even some winter fun dolls to create so you can get your blog ready for the colder months. You can even make yourself a celebrity I may have to go do that just to say I was famous. even if it's an avatar. LOL I'm a dork I know. The angels were really pretty. I thought about being one of those too. (not that I look as good as these fun dolls though *sigh*) But that's what playing dress up and dolls is all about your imagination! Go play have fun. And then LMK what you came up with. I'm thinking I may go back and become a mermaid soon.

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