Sunday, September 24, 2006

Extra money?

So yeah I like to knit and crochet. And while lately I've been on a yarn diet I'd like to support my habit somehow.
So in the past I'd signed up for adsense. I still have the adds on my blog as you can see. Well I haven't see much profit from it really. (I think I've made like 2 bucks and you don't get paid till you hit $100) So while i still have hope in adsense i begin to wonder if it's really going to ever pay out. KWIM? Unless you have a really busy blog and get tons of hits it probably won't.
Through one of the blogs I read on bloglines, I found this site for me (and you) to make money. Of course I promptly signed up. So far it looks good. If you go there and decide to sign up please please when you do and they ask for who referred you there please put my email ullena at yahoo dot com. That will help me help you and the world will be a happier place. Well hopefully. But so far it's been easy and I have high hopes. And really what's it going to hurt? I'm just writing a few extra posts... KWIM?? it gets my creative juices flowing.
So i'm interested in what you think, what is your take on it?
go check it out!


Pamela Foreman said...

I KWYM about Google Adsense. I looked up my account after talking with you. I've made like $1.39 and I've been a member since last summer I think!! Crazy!!!

Erin said...

That site looks interesting.
I'll have to check it out more thoroughly later today.

Miss ya! Sorry I haven't posted on the COT group lately. Been gone...out of town a lot.