Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Late but still neat

so as I promised before here are some pix taken at the baseball game 2 weekends ago by The Bub. All except this first pix which was taken by a friend. So cute huh? We had a lot of fun. When we got there it was light out but since it was a night game it got dark fast. The bub snapped this pix of the Pittsburgh skyline from our seats.. Pretty no?
If you didn't notice but they mow the lawn in different patterns for the games this one had a baseball in the middle of it. Pretty interesting. I wonder how you'd do that.... hmm maybe I'll try it out on my lawn. LOL j/k
the bib also took this pix of beady while in the car on the way to the game. On the way home they were knocked out. It was late so I don't blame them.
well there were more pix but most of them were repeats so I opted not to share them.

so lets talk about babysitters. Where in the world are they? I'm not talking about day care I'm talking about a person (usually a teen) coming to your house to watch the kids while you go out on a date with your husband or something like that. We do have one gal who babysits for us occasionally. But sometimes she's out of town. (like this weekend) so I've been hunting for another babysitter not to replace but as a back up for us. This is not so easy to do when you don't know too many people who actually have kids that need babysat. I've looked online and a lot of places want you to pay to get info. And I found a yahoo group or two for sitters (they're free) but that brings me to who do I really want to watch my kids? Normally I ask a friend who they get to babysit. Really I think we need someone who's over 16 that can drive and get to our house on their own. (and maybe a little more responsible than those younger) But we'd also kinda like someone we know, or know the parents of so that we can kind gauge how they would treat our children and also what they would be "teaching" our kids. Lets face it our darling little ones are sponges they suck up everything they see. My 7 year old adores any older girl and uses them as a role model so I do want someone who dress modestly and believes the same as we do. So today I got the brainstorm to call the church and see if they had a list of the teens in the youth that babysit. I don't know why it took me so long to think of that. The secretary thought there were a few but she wasn't sure and said she would get the youth pastor to get me some info or give it to her so she would call me back. I'm waiting to hear back from the youth pastor who's gone today but will be back tomorrow. I'm hoping I can find another sitter who will be able to help me out this weekend.
also do we know what tomorrow is?? Yes it's Wednesday. But it's also See You at The Pole '06. I remember doing this when I was in high school. The bub's school is having a breakfast for the family and then prayer time. We're going. How about you?


Stricken madchen said...

Cute pictures! Good babysitters are hard to find. I am lucky & have family in town that helps me out. Hopeully you will find someone in your church. (teenage boys make really good babysitters too, as long as you've got food..lol). And I almost forgot about met you at the poles. Our gradeschool does not do anything, so we usually go to the high school and pray for the kids who are praying. That's very cool that your school has something. ;-)

Catherine Kerth said...

good luck finding someone you like and trust! i have family so i have never had to suffer from the babysitter hunt. (knock wood) very cute pictues! and when you figure out how to mow your lawn that way....do tell ;)

Amy Lu said...

Three words have saved us:

Church Youth Group!

You are totally on the right track. We've been at church long enough now that we recognize last names. I actually prefer the younger girls. Like 13 years old. They are more into the kids, more dazzeled by the money, and more motivated to impress you.

The older high school girls want to IM their friends, have cell phones, boyfriends, and jobs that pay minimum wage.

Good luck, you'll find someone great, pray about it. See which girls volunteer in the kids' Sunday school classes. That might be a good place to start.

Anonymous said...

The ask the youth group/church for interested babysitters sounds like a great Idea. I havnt ever used a "babysitter"... a friend has helped occasionally for free... but she has her own life too, and I have their dad whom I have to ask extremely nicely and with heaps of notice :)... but now u got me thinking, I dont know why I hadnt thought of it at all b4!!!

Btw the baseball ground looked cool, but time consuming to create.