Sunday, July 30, 2006


Ok so I took a few extra days.. So here's the parade of what I'm making but can't really show you.
I want to say that I finished the Red one I showed you last post. Well almost I've gotta get some ribbon to finish the piece. I'm also making some things to match. Those I just started today.

so this stripey number is going to look fab on the recipient! It's knit with some self striping baby yarn it's really soft!
I have 2 small parts to finish then I'll be sewing and seaming and finito! you can guess what it is I'm sure!

this next one is crochet. And like the last I'm sure you can guess what it is. I'm sure you're seeing a theme here... Go a head and guess!

this project is finished! And it's also sewn! I made it while teaching my sis how to sew. She made a really cute little bag. I'm not sure if she'll be posting about it. She's not been online much lately.

anyways that's my show... Sorry I couldn't describe them more. But I am showing my WIP's and some FO's! Once I'm totally finished and give it to the person, I'll show better pix.

Oh on a totally different note. Friday I had another class at Michaels. it was great. There were 3 ladies signed up. They all showed up, which was nice b/c sometimes they don't. 2 weeks ago I taught 2 young girls. Which went ok but they had short attention spans. It was really nice to meet enjoyable women who wanted to learn to crochet. I just hope that I taught them well enough. We talked about starting a knitting and crochet night. The one lady knitted. We also talked about Stitch N Pitch...
Which on Aug 13 I'm going. I'm going, I'm going, I'm GOING! I'm so pumped. I convinced DH that we should go . Not that it took much just the whole sitting amongst stitchers. LOL I told him the free stuff and the baseball game is well worth it. So we're going!! I'm SO excited I can't wait. Not to mention the week before that my parents and my little bro will be here visiting. I hope my other little bro will also be coming. So much fun for the end of the summer.
So until next time....

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Stop Traffic!

That's what Tour De Toona did. What the? (not too hip on all the biking lingo so excuse my not knowing what it's all about) just click it. Well it's a bike race/marathon that starts, well maybe ends, in Altoona and takes it's path right thru J-town, and in FRONT of our house. So we went out on the front porch to watch. Here's the bikers coming around the corner up the street. And then 2 seconds they were in front of our house. These are the ladies BTW. The men were in the AM while I was at work. There's the bub standing there waving. It was really cool!
so we've met the new neighbors. They're really cute and super NEW... LOL they just hatched this past week or so. I found the nest while I was trying to decide which branches to trim off the tree and there was one hatched and one egg. Now there's two baby birds.. LOL I laughed at this view so I thought I would share! See the similarities?
ok so I'm not avoiding the crafting I just had to take creative pix so that certain people who read the blog won't know what I'm making for them. sooo here starts the parade of tricky pix, I'm not telling you what I'm making you'll just have to guess! So first we have this cute little red number it's sooo cute. I know it's going to turn out just perfect I can't wait to finish it. The patter is simple and very elegant.
and I guess I'll have to show you what else I've made tomorrow b/c I guess now there's a limit to how many pix you can add to a blogger entry... Bummer. But tomorrow there'll be more! (at the latest the next day) wink wink.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Jtown fun!

Yesterday was the last day that my Sis and her fam were here visiting. We went to the Pittsburgh zoo and then headed home for some fun in J-town. I forgot the camera for the zoo but we stopped and picked it up and then we went on the Incline plane. It's supposed to be the steepest one around.
Now I'm a bit scared of heights so I stayed to the back of the car/trolly thing. Not really sure what it's called. But at the top is an outlook. I also stayed far back on that. But here's a pix of the town from where I stood on the outlook.
it's very pretty! I took a pix of the info they had on the incline. It's like a diagram of all the height and stuff. That's my sister Jessica and her DH sitting in front of it. At the top they have a restaurant and a gift/souvenir shop. Inside they had this foot massage thingy. For only 10 cents you can stand on it and get a great foot massage. LOL bubba decided to try it... it was SOOO loud. I was cracking up it was hilarious! Also up there is a huge flag and a park with a baseball field and a playground. The flag is 30 feet by 60 feet and the pole is 125 Ft high. It's supposed to be one of the largest free flying flags in the US. It's awesome you can see it from almost anywhere in the city. I couldn't really get all of it into my pix. By that time it was raining pretty bad but it was so warm so we had the kids running all over to tire them out.
it's been a pretty crazy week, all fun though! I loved visiting with my sis and BIL I wish we were closer to each other so that we could have our kids grow up together. the girls are 5 months apart. it was funny seeing them run like that. I just had to take some pix. But blogger isn't letting me upload it here sooo you'll just have to take my word for it.
it was all very fun! We plan on doing it again! The girls really seemed to like it.

Friday, July 14, 2006


How is everyone? Me? Eh I've been moving. NEVER again will we do that again. At least not by ourselves. Ok so packing and unpacking aren't bad but that plus moving the boxes loading and unloading up and down stairs. I'm still pooped. So I thought I would share a pix of the girls playing on their new swingset in their own back yard! They love it! I like it too!
Tomorrow my sister is coming to visit! I'm so super duper excited. I can't wait! I've not been able to knit or crochet much. Though yesterday I did do some. Right now I'm working on some baby gifts for my friend Kelly, who's expecting a girl.. I'm not showing you b/c she reads my blog. Soon enough though! Anyways gotta go.