Saturday, January 27, 2007

Rock on! rock on.

I've been sitting on this post for a couple of days, ONLY because of blogger. I think it's on crack. I uploaded the photos and saved them b/c I had to do something (what I can't remember). Then yesterday when i came back to finish it i couldn't get into blogger unless i changed to the new blogger so I decided to change but then when i got to the last step nothing happened soo I closed down and figured today I would switch and then do my post. But today when I pulled up my blog it's now saying my blog has NOT been selected to switch to the new one.. WHAT THE??? ok so I'm over that b/c really who likes change? Now on to my post....

A couple of days ago i got a package at first i was like hmmm a late b-day present? or a RAOK? No it was neither.. much to my surprise that is. a while ago and I mean a WHILE! I entered a contest at make me and won, and this past week i finally got it! LOL it cracks me up. I thought she'd just forgotten or it'd gotten lost in the mail and I wasn't worried about it. Her note said that she would look at it and say "I need to send this" so she finally did. It's really cool. I took a pix of me wearing it so you can see it. Thank you so much Hilari!
And it's still winter! Rock on! I've been wearing it a lot around the house and outside to get the bub off the bus.. LOL love it!
Speaking of winter, since we finally have some snow on the ground the other day i took the girls out to play. I bundled them up and by the time they were done they looked like the kid from the christmas story. LOL Well a momma has to keep her kiddies warm! I snapped some pix of them b/c they were so cute. They made snow angles and tried a snow man but it wasn't the right kind of snow so we ran around
kicking snow at each other and the beady swung on the swings. But it was super cold so we lasted maybe 20 min before we came in and made Hot Chocolate. That is real HC not the kind in a package! it was awesome and voted "the best HC you've ever made" according to the bub! LOL kids crack me up! we haven't made it out again b/c it was melting yesterday, but today surprise it's snowing again. crazy weather! well I'd better post this before blogger changes it's mind again.. sigh


Shelley said...

Sure sounds and looks like your kids had a lot of fun in the snow! Love the rosie cheeks!

ladylinoleum said...

Ahhh, pretty!

I love the hat!