Friday, January 19, 2007

Today you get to see my face

no don't run away. i just thought i would share my hair cut with ya'll. i went last week and used up the rest of my gift card to Boscovs. it's longer in the front and shorter in the back. I'm so pickey when i get my hair cut b/c usually the people i go to don't listen to me. i've only lived with my hair 28 years you'd think i know that it poofs when you blow dry it so that i look like a trapazoid head. I also know that when you cut it it's going to dry shorter b/c it's naturally curly, air dry is the best way as long as there's some no frizz serum in it... Anyways this lady i went to was great her name was Mary! she rocked. i didn't have a pix of what i wanted just an idea. I saw it on Sarah Jessica Parker in a rerun of Sex and the City. i don't get to do too much with my hair being naturally curly and not knowing or wanting to blow dry it straight or iron it every monrning. but i think it was the 5th season she had shorter hair like mine actually a bit shorter in the back. I think when i go back i'll have Mary trim it up shorter for me. anyways so i just described the hair cut to Mary and she rocked it out! i was pumped. i love it. i tried to take a side pix and a back pix and the front of course. LOL it's a silly pix. So i have some fuschia high lights i'm thinking about adding to my hair... what do ya'll think?
I do want to show you proof that we actually do get snow here in PA. that was taken about 3:30 or so on monday. the snow then kinda melted and today it's snowing again. I love snow it looks so fresh and clean! like a new beginning.
This past week i borrowed a book called "the Yada Yada Prayer group" by neta jackson, from the church library. It is an awesome book i devoured it. and it's been a while since i've made time to read a fictional book and boy this book just spoke to me. I'm going to read it again and write down all the bible references that is in there and just really learn how to pray again. if you haven't read this book please pick it up. ok well i am going to go i'll TTYL


Ladyrunner said...

Your hair looks GREAT!!!

Catherine Kerth said...

that is the perfect cut! shapes around your face well, and honestly you look cute as a button :)

Shelley said...

What a great haircut!

jessica said...

Your new hair cut looks Great! You look very cute too! It was really good to talk to you the other day! ttyl!