Saturday, April 7, 2007

The incredible egg.

As a tradition in our home we dye eggs before Easter and then have millions of colored hard boiled eggs after Easter to figure out how to eat. And let me tell you NOTHING can beat rainbow colored egg salad and deviled eggs. (of course we use non toxic egg dye and wash/rinse them before making anything edible)
I was worried that we would have a tie-dyed carpet when we were done but instead we had tie-dyed hands. The destroyers are a wonderful blue green, and the bub's are just a light pinkish-yellow. just my finger was pink b/c i was trying to use this marble egg dye kit and it wasn't working with the crappy plastic gloves. There was a point there that i was holding my breath b/c i saw a cup at the edge of the table and an elbow dangerously nearby. Luckily the glass was moved and not spilled. i snapped a pix of one of the sets of eggs that they dyed. They did a wonderful job! we tried those marbled eggs, let me just tell you don't bother it didn't work too well. It said in one min they'd dry but after 5 they didn't so i never got to marble two different colors. We also had the sparkley kind and that worked for like 2 or so eggs. it wasn't the best either. from now on i think we'll just stick to typical egg dying.
I also made some Challah bread. I got the recipe from allrecipes. (I like to read the reviews)
Though i substituted the honey for splenda, and half the oil with milled flax seed and used an egg white wash for the golden crust. OH and I also only ended up using about 6 1/2 cups of flour instead of the 8. Now I'm not a huge artificial sweetener person but the box said it could be used for baking and I didn't want all the points from the honey, so i thought, what the hey why not try it? Which points are the same reason I substituted the oil for the flax seed. plus it added some good folic acid among other things. I think for pretty much every recipe I try at home I'm always adding or substituting things etc. I can't just make something right off the recipe. Esp when I'm making bread. Usually it's just adding oat bran or switching some of the white flower for whole wheat or something similar. I remembered to snap a pix of it before I cut into it to try it out. It was really great! sweet and light and the crust is crusty! I had just pulled it out of the oven late last night and my DH's came home. At first he turned his nose up.. have i mentioned he's a bit picky? (the flax seed leaves little brown flecks, delicious for me to look at BTW) I coaxed him to try some telling him it was warm and would be yummy! About 15 min later he came back in and said that bread was really good! So i wrapped up the one loaf and I'll be bringing it to our Easter dinner tomorrow. Yes it passed the DH taste test so I know the rest of his family will enjoy it. I was wanting to make this awesome looking bread but after reading the review about the colors bleeding and my DH's face when I asked what he thought I figured it could wait till another time. Of course I think I would just make a loaf not a ring.. but again that's my preference.
OK I'm going on and on.. so I'll leave you!
Have a Wonderful and Blessed Easter!
He Has Risen!


jessica said...

Love the eggs! The bread looks so yummy, even joe thought so too. But he isn't picky at all:)

Hope you all had a happy easter!

Oh... tell DH sorry for not sending a card/e-mail for his b-day... I did think of him, its on our calendar:)So happy belated b-day!

Pamela Foreman said...

The eggs look great and the bread looks yummy! I'm going to get things today to start making my own bread. Time to be more domestic I suppose!