Friday, May 11, 2007

Note To Self:
Do not agree to sleep overs for your daughters for the next 15 years.


Maureen said...

I've never understood where the "sleep" part is in a "sleep-over".

Hope everyone catches up on their sleep eventually. ;)

jessica said...

Ohhh Allena. *Hugs* and well intentioned thoughts are being sent your way! What time did they finally go to bed?!

I once helped a friend (toni) with her daughter's 10th b-day party, that was a sleep over. I think there were over 10 girls. It was Crazy (with a capital C) I vowed never to have a sleep over let alone a b-day sleep over party.

I bet Maddy had a blast though;o)

I'm going to check into the cancer run thing, thats a really good idea! I hope or sorry little town has one!

last thing I swear, I'm going to make your 40 clove chicken gyro thing tomorrow! I can't wait!

Heather said...

ok, you have to expand on this subject. I guess it didn't go well. Please share, unless just the fact of thinking of it makes your hairs stand up or something!!!

marti said...

i don't know about your kids, but we usually need a couple of weeks to recover!