Monday, May 14, 2007

Craft Book Shelf...

So to update y'all on my last post... I know it came across misleading. The sleepover we had was with one girl not many. This child has been bugging the bub about sleeping over for weeks now. So Friday night was the night, and it was also the night I vowed she wouldn't be doing this again. Between the crying, lying, pushing, shoving, kicking, the horrible story telling, and just plain being mean to both of my daughters, I had to put my foot down. I explained to the girl sleeping over, that what she was doing wasn't acceptable and she wouldn't be invited back. I'm feeling mixed emotions b/c part of me is proud that my oldest daughter is able to befriend someone that no one else likes (and for a good reason, she's a bully) but then the other part is my protective momma part, so I won't subject my daughters to that at home. I'm sure you're thinking oh it couldn't be that bad, but believe me it was. I'm teaching my girls to be kind to everyone, that people should be respected and shown God's love shining through us. So that's why I'm having conflicting emotions. So I've explained to my daughter that it's OK to be nice to her friend but it's not OK to let her treat people the way she does. And that She needs to stand up to her friend and tell her it's not OK to be mean, esp to her little sister who can't do it for herself. It just broke my heart the way my daughter accepted how she was treated by this friend and how her younger sister was treated by this friend. So now I've got to figure out how to teach my Daughters to stand up for themselves, not in a mean way but in a way that they don't allow themselves to be abused like that.. if anyone has any ideas please share!

OK now on to my Crafty stuff don't want to bore you with the DRAMA of my mom-ness. (well at least not today) So my DH's Aunt just moved back to J-town from Montana, and she's crafty. Well since moving she's getting rid of most of her craft books... so she kindly enough brought them over to my house...
I went through them and since my daughter's school is having a flea market this coming weekend I'm going to give the stuff that I don't want to them to sell. I'm sure there's someone who want the book/magazines that weren't for me.
OK so I came away with about 27 craft magazines. most of them knit or crochet but there was some other stuff too. All of them are so retro, so some of the patterns are so dorky but there are others that are really cool so it's why I decided to keep them. One of my fave's is the one that had like a million snowman crafts. I LOVE snowmen!
And the really cool stuff I got were these really cool and totally Retro Knitting/crochet books.. The American Knitting Book, A Treasury of Knitting Patterns, and The encyclopedia of Knitting and Crochet stitch patterns. They're totally great! I'm so pumped to get them and finally a pix of my shelf of books. It starts with my binder of printed patterns (all organized, somewhat) and ends with a magazine/paper holder with my newest magazines. I love it.
OK so I'm going on and on about these books b/c I'm still working on my sister's baby gift so I can't share what I'm working on. I'm also working on an amigurumi elephant for a friend of mine.. but there's nothing really to show with it b/c it's all in the works.. I need to really just start working on ONE thing at a time. LOL but I'm not really sure I could do that. EEK!
anyways that's it for today!

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jessica said...

Ohhh no, that makes me sad. I'm so sorry for the girls. As for what to do... I haven't been there but like you I deffinetly wouldn't have her sleep over again. Or maybe have her over(just for a play date) and be around them so you can moniter how they are acting around each other. Thats tough though, I wouldn't want to subject my kids to that kind of abuse. Its just not right.

On the plus side, thats cool about the crafting books!

I can't wait until the suspence is over, and I can finally find out what Chloe's baby gift is!
"your killin me, your really killin me" (Daddy Day Care)