Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rain, Rain Go AWAY!

Today was dull and dreary and rainy. it has an effect on my mood and my hair! UGH frizz city, not to mention the wind.
Yesterday it was HOT and sunny and wonderful out. So wonderful in fact I pulled out the wading pool. The girls just loved playing in it. They didn't want to get out. I figured that they may as well play in the pool as long as they can. Supposedly it's going to snow tonight.. we'll see. Oh that reminds me i need to bring in the new plants i just planted.
While the girls were playing I was working on an amigurumi elephant for a friend. This is my progress, that's the head and I'm working on the body. hey I never said it was going to look like much. but it is proof that I'm working...right? I was thinking about showing more pix of the mystery gift for my sister but I think that may just push her over the edge.. LOL and we can't have that! anyways it's bed time so I'll bid you ado. Besides I have a date with a new book.
Remember knit friendly!


Heather said...

did it snow?!?! looks like your girls had a great time in the pool. My kids wanted me to get out our pool the other day too, but I didn't. Soon it'll come out, I hope!

Megan said...

Looks like they had a fabulous time!

Rain said...

Fine then I'm outta here ;)

I bet your elephant will look really sweet when it's done. There's something about amigurumi that's so appealing.

jessica said...

Looks like they had a blast! I can't wait to pull ours out! soon enough. How nice of you to think of me, I probably would go crazy!*grin*

Sandra said...

Looks like they had a blast :)

I LOVE your bread pictures above, now I'm drooling for some hot out of the oven homemade bread.....YUMMY!

Cass said...

I hear big hair is making a comeback. At least on MY head, LOL!

I wanted to leave a comment on the pull apart bread you showed above, too. I think I will try that myself, with sourdough.