Monday, May 28, 2007

You know you need to post to your blog when.....

You have to keep signing in for every comment you try to leave! LOL Sorry I've been so quiet lately, with summer coming things just seem to be busy. Not sure why though b/c we're doing the same things we do all the time it's just warmer/hot out. Just in time for summer over at Pinks and Blues blog there is a contest for a new bag/purse!I'm so wanting to win the contest! it's beautiful! go and see.
As everyone else is doing the same, we've been preparing for school to be out. Last weekend was the bub's School festival. It was super fun, they had a car show, a flea market, kids corner, an auction and vendors. In the kids section they had a cotton candy machine for 2 tickets. the Destroyer used some of her tickets for cotton candy. LOL it was all over her face by the end! They had these jumping things that the bub didn't want to get off of. Though the wind was bad, and at one time the tent's covering the kids section blew up and almost took out a few people. PTL that no one was hurt. shortly after that they shut down the bouncy things b/c they were blowing up too. They need to put them on the grass and attach them to the ground next year instead of having it in the parking log. I'm thinking about next year already and planning on making somethings to sell there as a vendor. I'm thinking probably some aprons, bags/purses, and maybe some amigurumi. But I'm not really sure how well the amigurumi will go over. I've just got to finish the projects I'm working on and then work on things here and there to work through my stash.
Speaking of amigurumi I'm making one for my WWJD moms yahoo group to be a traveling mascot of sorts. it's supposed to be an elephant.. I'm still working on it so it's in pieces. And i wanted to tease my friends over at wwjd moms a bit with a progress pix.. LOL
evil I know!
Last night we went to the drive in to see Pirates 3. it was great! i enjoyed it. It carried on the story from the 1st and 2nd one and left it open to if they're going to make a 4th. I enjoyed the first 2. well at first I so didn't like the 2nd one. but that one we also saw at the drive in but then we bought it at our local video store previously viewed and I watched it again (and again and again) and completely saw things I hadn't caught at the drive in.. so it made sense and I figured out that it's really good. which I must say is rare b/c most sequels aren't that great. Look at the matrix, or spiderman, and even kill bill, now vol 2 was good but not as good at the vol 1.. in my personal opinion. Ok enough of that.
Today is Memorial day and i want to say Happy Memorial day to everyone!
Here in j-town there is a veteran's memorial that they built back in 2005 and engraved on the stones they have everyone who ever served in the military. my husband's name is on it and so is his grandfathers. We went to see it on Sunday and I'm so smart I forgot the camera. it's a great memorial!
anyways Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


pinks & blues girls said...

Oh wow, that picture with the cotton candy brings back happy childhood memories of summer fairs!! How adorable is she!?!?

Thanks for entering our contest and linking up! Good luck! :)

Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

Cass said...

Ok, I must having a quirky sense of humor, because I find the idea of you making a pink elephant for a WWJD group hilarious.

Megan said...

The elephant is looking good!