Friday, June 22, 2007


So last week my sister and her boyfriend came for a visit. it was a really quick one though. They flew in Thursday and left on Sunday. It was really good to see her though. I hadn't seen her since we lived in Germany at least 3 years ago. So now since her BF met the whole family I think he's got the "stamp" of approval. LOL that is if our family hasn't scared him off. LOL i guess the best way to gauge if they're going to hack it with the family they need to eat dinner with us. There are 5 of us kids, and we're all pretty loud when we eat dinner. I remember when my DH met my family... I think he just kinda sat there looking back and forth at the action, then he jumped in and hasn't looked back since. You'd have to ask my younger sister about her DH and how he was when he first ate with most of the family.. LOL now add to that my kids and her kids, it's even better. I love it! I think it's something i truly miss living here in PA so far away from the fam.
Speaking of families, when we too my sister back to the airport at O'dark Thirty, OK it wasn't that early but we did get UP that early. then we had a few hours to kill before the Father's day Baseball game. So we hit a local Eat and Park for breakfast. Then we headed over to PNC park and they had some festivities for the kids as always on Sundays. We had a wonderful time, so much fun that i could hardly get them to sit still for the pix. The seats filled shortly after it was a wonderful game and believe it or not the Pirates actually won!
Anyways on Monday I got the semi-monthly newsletter from the local yarn store, and after i read that they were looking for a knitting instructor I called. Tuesday they called me back to set up a Kniterview! (interview + knit). So on Wednesday i went and guess what
I GOT IT!!! I'm sooo pumped. it's like a DREAM JOB! The lady who owns/runs the store is great! (and I'm not just saying that b/c she's reading my blog) We talked for a while it was good. Of course before the Kniterview I had to scourge the house for knitted items I've knit. I didn't really realize HOW MUCH of my knitting I've given away. but i came up with a few socks and a hat for her to look at. Hey what can i say I show my love by giving knitted (or crochet'd) items! How about you, do you show your love in knit?


Pamela Foreman said...

I'm so glad you got the job! Glad you had a good time at the ball game too. Miss you!

Christy said...

Congrats on aceing your Knitterview! What a fun job!

Rebecca said...

Congratulations on getting your future dream job! Do you also get a store discount? Teehee

Megan said...

Whoohoo! Congrats!~

Pooch said...

Congrats!! How exciting for you!! Have fun-fun-fun with your new job!True...I have very few items that I've knit or crocheted...mostly old afghans and one sweater that I can think of right now.