Sunday, June 24, 2007

Links to the past

This past weekend when my sister was here we traveled to MD to visit my Grandma. it was a good time. We enjoyed seeing our Grandma and then visiting with our uncle and cousins who also came up that weekend.

I brought some wonderful pieces of family history home with me. The quilt is beautiful and also hand quilted. the aprons i found while i was getting sheets to make the bed. the pink one is my fav. it has some
wonderful embroidery on it. Around the pleated top and the pockets and across the bottom of the apron. they give me wonderful ideas of aprons to make. If only I'd get my sewing machine fixed! ARUGH I've got to do that some time soon.
I also brought home some boxes of
recipe cards. I've not really gotten the time this past week to look through the recipes but I'm sure they will hold some treasures for me!
I thought that it was really cool, and wanted to share my treasures with you!

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Maureen said...

That recipe looks interesting - but I can't make out the 3rd ingredient??