Tuesday, July 17, 2007

3 days, 2 turtles, 1 hat and Hello? Kitty!

That is how long I've been working on this post. I uploaded the photos and meant to type up the post yesterday and just plum forgot! so I'm at it again today, and we'll see if works! Not that it's that hard to do I just need to dazzle you with all my FO's that I've made the past week or two.
First we'll start with the hat I made a friend of mine. (she just had another boy!) I cast on for a 3-6 month old baby but with the 3 knit and one purl being so stretchy it fits the destroyer.. of course I have her modeling everything for me. she's usually so willing. And this pix she's telling me to take the pix already! LOL and in the back ground my fave show is on.. or at least the one I have on the most. (TV guide) LOL I'm such a dork. I think I'm the only one who watches that channel and sticks around for the shows that are above the programing. Am I alone here??
I'm part of an Amigurumi yahoo group and we decided that we needed to all make some amigurumi together. We settled on turtles. They're really quick to crochet and I of course *had* to make two. *by Had of course I mean I couldn't stop myself. Plus each of the girls wanted one. LOL I made the bub's for her to take with her when she went to camp, and of course the destroyer had to have one too! SO i quickly made her one. Aren't they just darling? I'm not sure what compelled them to hold them that way, believe me I didn't tell them to do that. LOL such silly girls!
Then the Amigurumi Bug hit and I had to make something else..... and I finally decided on a Hello Kitty Doll. I was originally going to
make it for a friend of mine but 1 I didn't finish it in time and 2 I didn't like the way the face turned out. But that suited the destroyer just fine as she loves it.The bub OF COURSE has to have one now too. i just have to get some more white yarn to make her one. That or look through my stash, I'm sure I have some stashed away.
I'm really trying to knit and crochet through my stash, but some of the yarn in my stash is not good. It's from when I first started crocheting and knitting before I started to be selective about yarn. Now don't get me wrong I'm not a total yarn snob but i don't like the scratchy yarn that squeaks. I do like caron simply soft, i think it's one of my favorites to knit and crochet with. that's for many reasons, one it's totally machine washable IE kid friendly two it's super soft and even more so after you wash it, (in the washing machine I might add) and three it comes in many many many colors. So I've been pondering a stash sale of sorts. but I'm not sure that anyone would buy my squeaky scratchy yarn.. sigh. Pondering is the key word there...
ok let's post this baby!

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jessica said...

The turtles are so cute! Love em! I watch th tv guide channel too :) he he he

The girls are both looking so much older... I miss you guys! I wish I could come to visit when mom and dad does... Maybe next year. *sigh* I'm so jealous of them!