Thursday, July 26, 2007


Today I got it together and did a Crock pot recipe. After many many many months. So in honor of Slow Cooking Thursdays I give you..................................
BBQ Ribs (also know as what's in the fridge will make an easy peasy dinner) LOLThey are super simple to make and delicious to eat! (my DH loved them!)
so you need a can of root beer. (i used diet)
BBQ sauce
and BBQ seasoning
and a wee bit of Worcestershire sauce

take the BBQ seasoning and season the ribs. put them in the crock pot and pour the root beer over it add the BBQ sauce I only used 1/2 of the bottle b/c that's all i had. I would've used the whole thing had i had more. add about 1 TBS of the W sauce. I turned my crock pot on high for 4 hours. I'm sure you could do low for 8.
They fall right off the bone and are to DIE for!
so enjoy!


Sandra said...

Oh my hubby is going to love you LOL

I never would have though of using root beer, wow, I can't wait to try these :)

Thank you for sharing and I'm glad to see you back :)

Mari said...

This is so much easier than my regular recipe. I'll be trying it!

Pamela Foreman said...

Those ribs look good! I will have to use that recipe. Have you tried chicken, coke and ketchup? It's good!

Oh and great job on the weightloss!!!

Phoenix said...

Wow all I can say is yummy and what time is dinner? LOL
Hi I found your link at Crochet Mania and want to invite you to drop by and see us there.

Rebecca said...

My hubbie is going to LOVE this recipe. I have been meaning to find a rib recipe for my crockpot and HERE IT IS!