Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Family of Presses

So tonight i sat down for my "me time" after putting the girls to bed and thought to my self.. there's something missing. then it dawned on me... coffee! I love the stuff (as if you didn't know) so i decided instead of making a pot of coffee I'd use my press(es) I'd bought both of them in Germany they're so pretty!
so i sat there deciding which one to use. i figured that i wouldn't drink more than one cup so i used the small one.
Then i remembered they had a sale at the Giant Eagle on the Cacao Reserve Hot Coco and I'd make a 4 min mocha. (which really was a 15 min mocha since it took me a lot of debating whether to make lots of coffee or not...giggle)
So there you have it a Faux- Mocha. It was really yummy!
While i was drinking it i worked on my Niece's gift. Yeah I'm not done. i just keep putting it off. SO i finally said "self, you need to finish this thing! before your Parents come for a visit so they can take it home to your sister/niece!" I'm really working at listening to myself! I don't have any pix b/c Jess doesn't know what I'm making, and I'd like to keep it a surprise!
ok so I'll go now I hear footsteps upstairs and the kids are supposed to be sleeping!!


jessica said...

I'm proud that you've kept it from me this whole time... I have faith that you can finish in by the end of thier trip!

MMMMMM coffee! We use to have a press but it broke, argh;o(

Diann said...

French presses are just the best. Even if it took 15 minutes, I'm sure it was so worth the wait--a great cup of coffee always is!

inukshuk71 said...

Hmmm, French press coffee is the best! Try putting a little cinnamon with your cocoa to make a spicy mocha coffee. I also like to make frothy milk the cheap way (I don't have a milk froth press) by putting about 8 ounces of milk in a lidless Masson jar, heating it in the microwave on "beverage" setting. Then I take it out, put the lid on tightly and with a tea towel so I don't burn myself I shake the living daylights out of it and voilĂ , delicious froth to pour over coffee and sprinkle with chocolate. I have to make myself one of those after this cup (_)o