Monday, August 13, 2007

what i'm working on.

So I'm halfway through my first slipper sock for the LYS. I'm using beautiful Cascade 220. YUMMY! I'm going to felt only one though so people can see the change, smart i know! My classes are starting up here after Labor day and I'm SOOOO excited! It's going to be great!
I'm also working through the whole series of Harry Potter. I'm on book 2 right now. I'm taking my time and really savoring the story. is anyone else sad that this series is over? I'm feeling that I want more, I want to know what happens with these characters.. everything!

I got a silly call today that made me quite angry... there was a lady who got my number from Michael's (i teach crochet there) I'm not sure if i like them giving my number out but that's not what got me upset.(though I do think I'm going to say something to them)
First off the lady insulted me when I answered the phone by saying "you sound like a child" then she went on to tell my why she called. she has an ornate collar that she's had for 10 years and hasn't been able to wear it (yeah won't even go there) b/c it's a little damaged. Then she went on to tell me it has holes in it and she was wondering if it could be fixed but she wasn't sure what stitches would be used. She also said she wanted someone to show her how to fix it. I said "ok I'm sure I could look at it and see how bad it is first. then see if it's even fixable." (I'm thinking moth holes?) "Then we'd have to find some thread in the color and size of the collar." which she said she thought she had it. I said "ok, I'm only at Michael's when I have a class, but since she wants to fix it if she signs up for my adv crochet coming up next week I can look at it and help her fix it." then she says "I don't want to learn how to crochet, I just want to have someone show me how to fix the holes. Could I just drop off the collar for you to look at?" WHAT THE....??? I'm sitting here scratching my head. and i said "Oh, I'm sorry I don't do repair work." (kinda like windows) "I help other people learn how to do it themselves." Then again she insults me "well you don't sound old at all do you even know how to crochet?" (Yeah I was mad! who wouldn't be? )I told her I did know how to crochet but the type of crochet she's talking about is lace work so it takes time to do and with my kids yelling in the background I think it was understood that I don't have a ton of free time. Heck if you know me personally you'd know I don't "do" doily's or lace.. I mean I don't like it... I actually think they're horrid and ugly. but that is a personal preference so I've learned and done them and can teach other people who want to do them but i don't choose to do them. Am I just babbling? Mind you, that last part I didn't say. I said again "well (still wanting to help) you could come to my class on the 19th and I'll show you" then she says "well i don't know how to crochet I just want someone to show me how to fix it." SO Basically this lady was wanting me to fix this collar so she can wear it but she doesn't want to pay to get it fixed or even take the time to do it herself. by this time I told her "I don't think I can help you. You may want to check out the state fair that's coming up and see if anyone who's entered that type of work in the fair see if they do repair work." I told her I wasn't sure if they would do that but it would be worth a look and see. I think I dealt with her pretty well. I was very nice and tried to help her. but I think I've said it before I'm not knitting or crocheting for anyone who's not going to appreciate it and take care of it. SO some lady off the street I'm probably not going to be making something for her esp if she doesn't want to compensate me.. is that rude? I don't think so, my time is valuable and crochet is a skill and it doesn't stinking matter that I'm 28. I'm really GOOD at what I do!

ok I'm done venting...


Pamela Foreman said...

Some people! I'm totally with you though I probably would have hung up on her! LOL!!

jessica said...

I would have been mad too! crazy lady;) What a pretty color of cascade! cant wait to see it felted!