Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I got Paid!

A while ago I signed up for this new thing called Pay Per Post. I did a few post and got paid then I have to say I kinda forgot to post anymore! Then just recently I "remembered" Pay Per Post (or really I saw a friend of mine who was doing it) so I've started Pay Per Posting again. It's really simple! Here click the link payperpost. Basically what you do is sign up and pick what you want to post about and then write up a post and post your post. Then you wait (about a month)and finally you get paid. I just got paid today, which is why I'm so excited. It's always nice to have a few extra bucks to spend. I just have to start remembering to post about things. No one forces me to post about anything. I get to choose what I want to talk about. I can do it as often (or not so often) as I'd like and I still will get paid. If you're going to blog and you'd like to try and make some money blogging, I would recommend Pay Per Post! If you head on over there so sign up please tell them I sent you. (ullena at yahoo dot com is my email) I'll tell you what it's enough to buy a few patterns and even some yarn.... go ahead, you know you want to!

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