Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Finally Some Finished Items...

I've had this post on hold for a couple of days now. I've been busy. With Christmas coming and all and me being a BIG procrastinator... I should be busy!
All of these things I've made are not Christmas gifts! silly me. Ok first off I've test crocheted some Ugg Baby Booties by Susan or Crochetroo. It's a wonderful pattern. I think she'll be selling it in her etsy shop.
I used some left over Wool-ease for these booties and they turned out so cute. I let my mom give them to a friend who's having a baby boy. I'd love to see what they look like in more girly girl yarns, sadly my littlest one isn't small enough anymore.... SNIFF! SNIFF!
Anyways when she finishes up with the pattern I'd say buy it. It's well written and also really quick to make. I have to apologize to Susan, though b/c during the testing I hurt my back and was OUT OF IT. for a week or two and I'm afraid I may have slowed down her testing process. But I've finished and sent her some pix and other things you do when you test a pattern. I hope she's able to finish in time for the holidays!
Ok over thanksgiving we went to my parents house. Part of the reason was to go to my HS reunion. Why? you ask I don't know really. we went and it was really well dumb. I'm not one of those people who think my life was over the day I graduated. (I really think that's when it started) So I'm not sure what I was thinking about going to the reunion. Esp since I haven't really been good at keeping in touch with my friends from HS. So I had no idea if they would be there. Which they weren't I saw about 2 or so people I knew. Others I vaguely remembered. so my and my DH left early and went to Cold Stone... Yeah Ice cream will make up for anything! Anyways back to my topic.. finished items. Before leaving for my trip I decided to try my hand at crocheting with wire. And I made a necklace. I think it turned out really nice. I wanted it to be snug on my neck but not choking or bothering me. I used different shades of pink beads and some black ones. I took a close up... my parent's front room is excellent for picture taking in the day! (it's the big windows)
I had so much fun visiting. (not so much fun coming home) My DH and I bought some of those 5 hour energy drinks for the trip home. (it's 11 Hours) So when my DH was getting tired he drank one and was WIDE awake and full of energy to drive. When I started getting tired I drank one and almost immediately fell asleep. I'm sooo not kidding! I was OUT like a light! So much for that crap, it was gross. I'll stick with coffee aka java aka heaven's nectar!
Also before the trip I started making some finger puppets for friends of ours girl. But I didn't finish in time for her b-day party so since the beady was wanting some of her own... I decided to give them to her. I used the fairy tales at your fingertips from crochetme. and a dog finger puppet from barnyard finger puppets over at crochet pattern central. I wanted to make the duck but i don't have ANY orange yarn and I can't see buying a whole skein for just an itty bitty beak. Yeah I'm not a huge orange fan. I wonder if has anything to do with the color of my hair... Hmm that's something to ponder.
I also made one of Dot's little diddy bags for the bead to hold her puppets in. Really it's so she doesn't loose them... yes I know my children. I changed it a little by holding 2 strands of yarn together and doing HDC through the middle, I wanted it to finish faster... yeah I'm that lazy! LOL
All of this is updated in ravelry of course! If you'd like to go look for all the yarn details and added pix. Plus I didn't want my new obsession with ravelry to kill off my blog! So leave me some love and let me know you appreciate my rambling on and on.
Have a great day, I must go knit or crochet and get some presents done.

oh PS tomorrow or the next day I'm going to blog about meeting a blogger friend and what she gave me.. how sweet is that?

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jessica said...

Those finger puppets rock! Love em'!

I know what you mean about ravelry killing the blog... I need to post more often ... maybe I'll get to it today!

Love you, miss you!