Saturday, December 1, 2007

Do I really have time to post?

As promised I have a little story for you. Almost every time we go to visit my parents, either my sister's kids are sick or my kids are sick. This time it actually started with me. I thought it was just from the long trip that i wasn't feeling well but then when the beady got it.. well I think it was some sort of virus. Chloe, my niece, got it the day after the bead, then my brother's got it this week. Anyways the last time we went to WI, Jessica's friend Amy and I tried to meet then but it didn't work out.
So this time we tried to get together but with the bead being sick and me not wanting to get Amy's kiddos sick we just kinda met in the "hallway" or the entry way so not to get out sick germs on her. It was wonderful and exciting, though short. She's the first blogger I've gotten to meet. We took pix. I'm holding Chloe. Not only that, she showed up with a gift for me! how sweet is that? So inside the cute little red box was a bag with some stitch markers in there! they're so pretty! (i think she may have made them, you'd have to ask her
though) There are actually 4 stitch markers one, I started using that night. They work wonderfully! thank you so much Amy! you're the best maybe next time we won't be sick!
I'm sure most of us crafters are busy busy busy,
makingChristmas presents. Maybe I should say those of us who are procrastinators. Anyways I made 2 more necklaces since my last post. this first one is for a gift. I'm not sure who it's for yet. I made it with different green and brownish-red beads. Kinda an earthly tone type of thing. the close up isn't that great , but i blame that on the almost non existent sunlight in the winter.
The next one I've made to wear tomorrow, we're all wearing green and then we're going to take our Christmas pix for our Christmas cards. Yeah we're really big procrastinators... LOL Thank goodness for Walmart! I usually upload the pix to the website and get the 1 hour photo cards and go pick them up. Though I think last year I just took my memory card and did it on the machine they have in the store. Anyways back to the necklace, I'm still up in the air about if I'm going to keep it or not. But I'm wearing it tomorrow regardless. My husbands kinda 'eh about most things so I'd like some input on these necklaces. What do you think? are they worth making and giving as presents? Do you think I could sell them on etsy? INPUT people!

PS I hope that wasn't too pushy


Christy said...

I think those necklaces are great! I would put them on etsy and/or give them as gifts! Let us know if you post them in your shop.

jessica said...

Your so talented! I really like those necklaces, so pretty! I bet they would sell on etsy too :O) I'm glad you and Amy got to meet, even though it was short, maybe next time we can all knit together!

Anonymous said...

Your necklaces are beautiful - WOW you have many talents! I'd say go for it with Etsy---it may open a whole new world for you. It must be fun to be able to do so many things, so well!! :) You probably don't remember me from Ev. Free Church, but I'm there and have "adopted" Jessica, Amy and some other young Moms for my very own!! (Our daughter lives in CO.)
I love them all and they bring me much joy! I'm praying God brings some special friends to you soon. Paulette

Amy Lu ( said...

Ugh, I am not photogenic. You are though!

I am so glad I got to meet you! Finally! I didn't make the stitch markers, but I bought them at Brigitte's shop, so I think Rana made them.