Monday, December 3, 2007

Knitter's Coffee Swap the 3rd

I've got a new BFF and she's from Canada! my newest friend is Penny. She was my swapee and I her's for this round of the KCS. I got my package today and boy did I ever get spoiled! she labeled everything with little tags (funny thing I did the same with post-its)
I took individual pix of the "groups" of things i got. First up.... I got the pampering things there's some foot soak, lotion and a scratchy pumice stick thing for your feet. How'd she know I love to get and try out new foot care stuff? There's also a mug to match with pin and brown circles on it. (I heart pink and brown together) She also sent me some really cool coffee napkins b/c we know how messy coffee drinking can get and a nice napkin just sets the scene! Now if only I can find some friends here who would like to come over for coffee.... sigh. And you'll see my fave in this pix it the book! it's a new series about murder and coffee. Can it get any better? I love reading!
what goes best with coffee but snacks right? Penny sent me some clodhoppers (a Canadian yummy), some mint chocolate cookies (to die for), and some maple cookies straight from Canada.
Of course the main reason for this swap the coffee. It was roasted locally in Penny's town. I personally love the name, it makes me want to watch all the Pirates movies!
and we can't be with out the fiber goodness. Penny sent me some beautiful yarn. the Regia had little nubbys all over it, I think it should make for an interesting sock. Then there's some sock yarn that i won't even try to pronounce or spell. but it's pretty and soft and I'm itching to start a pair of socks... but alas i can not! I must concentrate on the Knitting gifts I've put off until the last min. Yes I'm a little crazy. but the urge to make gifts for my family just takes over and I MUST KNIT! Today i spent a couple of hours dying yarn and also baking bread... actually it's baking now but all the grunt work was what I was doing before.
Penny, thank you so much! you're the best I can't wait to see when you get your package!


jessica said...

Wow! you sure did get spoiled!! That must have made you day :O)

Penny said...

I am so glad you liked everything. I would love to come over and join you for a cup of good coffee and some knitting. If only....

Maria said...

You got a great gift! Enjoy!