Monday, December 10, 2007

An experiment in Color part 1....

I've been meaning to up-date my blog now for some time! My brother, for Christmas, would like some striped socks, kinda like my stocking I made for the shop. I figured I'd dye some yarn the colors I wanted and have fun doing it. But before my yarn from knit picks got here I decided to try out some of the colors on some yarn I had at home. This yarn, my friend Danielle sent me after finding like 30 skeins of it at a garage sale. she knows I love yarn and it was 100% wool an that natural/off white color so she picked it up for me and sent it to me. It's actually been sitting around waiting for me to do something with it. It's worsted weight so it won't do for socks... I'd re-wound 3 skeins before hand (a long long time ago) using 2 chairs and walking from one end of the room to the other. I wanted to try for some self striping yarn. I couldn't say no b/c I'd caught the bug again. Thanks to my What a Kool way to dye ravelry group! So I got out my cheap kool-aid also know as mix-ade, and some of my Wilton's cake dyes. For the really dark blue and green and reddish skein which I named deep dark. I used Wilton's cornflower blue and willow green, and some strawberry mix-aid. The blue and green skein, named sea weed, I used just a tad of the Wilton's cornflower blue dye and a bunch of the lemon-lime mix-aid. The last skein which, cleverly, I named Patrick meets Squidward. I used some of the Wilton's rose petal pink and one cherry mix-ade packet, the berry-blue mix-aid and a tiny bit of the willow green (Wilton's). There's some photos of the dye baths of 2 of the skeins. When I started this experiment I also thought I'd try different ways of dying the sea weed skein I dyed in the microwave. the other 2 I did on the stove top. All in all it was a lot of fun. the white stick thingy picture is the CAB niddy-noddy my DH made for me. I printed out a tute and had him make it for me. it cost about $1.75! can't beat that! Plus it made the skeins look so nice. I think a few of them might actually be self-striping! we'll see when we make something out of them!
My next experiment in color I will talk about when I take the pix... until next time.

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jessica said...

How fun! I love that dark one, it came out really well!!!