Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Project 365/52

I joined a new group over at Ravelry. It's called Project 365 and we're supposed to take a pix a day for a year. Part of the reason I signed up is b/c I'd like to start posting more frequently. There's more info about the challenge here. You can check out the photos on flickr if you'd like. Yesterday 12-11 was day one. That's the Christmas bulb. I took it b/c I was trying to get a pix of the girls for our Christmas cards. (yeah I'm a little early this year) I must have been speaking a different language or something b/c every time I would say smile the girls would start to cry. well really it was only the bub and she's only 8 I tell you! too freakin early for hormones. UGH! I finally got a pix and made our cards. During one of the crying fits I thought hey a pix of this pretty red bulb may just be what I need today. (that and a stiff drink, if i actually drank, though I'm pondering taking that up as puberty approaches EEEK!)

Today I went to work, the same as I do everyday and my friend had me look out the window in the girls restroom. So i did and as I looked over the yard towards the garage, I was greeted with this and I thought Yeah I'm taking a pix of that! Now I appreciate graffiti art but I also think everything has it's place. On on the wall of the church is not the place. Of course it's a huge deal and the gossip of the church.. sigh.. I need a break. If you look over on my side bar you'll see the Project 365/52 blog ring if you'd like to join click away! LMK if you do so I can check out your blog.

I've been knitting like crazy. How about you? I have finished a few things that I've been wanting to update but being Christmas season and all... well you know! Anyways, I finished my DH's hat. I used this pattern and some awesome cascade baby alpaca chunky in a nice chocolate brown. I swear I must be speaking a different language b/c I asked him to smile too... Note to self: make up a name for your new language. The had decreases really nice and the top looks really nice and tidy. It's a really quick pattern and knits up really fast. I just shortened it a bit since my DH doesn't like to fold his hats up. He likes this hat, I don't blame him the yarn is glorious! I picked up a skein of the brown and a light pink for myself... just have to finish Christmas presents first....

I also forgot to tell you about the Christmas Stocking I made, the pattern is my own.

I made it for my LYS and also so I could get some students into my class, but being Christmas time no one signed up. How sad is that? January is a new year right? I think I'm going to submit the pattern to the pattern a day calendar.

Do you remember over a year
ago when I made a sweater for my friend Kelly's newest addition to the family? Well she's finally fitting in it. (I made it for a 1 year old) Not only is she fitting in it but she's WEARING it, along with the slippers. It's not very often that I get photos of my little recipients wearing the stuff I've made them so this just tickled me pink! Isn't she just the cutest? Ok I'm going on and on... sorry I'm just so excited!

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jessica said...

I joined too but I think I'm going to wait until after christmas because i've been so busy and can't blog every day yet... speaking of which I need to go knit!