Saturday, December 22, 2007

Going Dark... for a few days.

I will be gone for a couple of days. But I will continue taking photos for my Project 365/52. I wanted to share with you yesterday's photo and today's.
I took a photo of my present from my DH. Most of you don't know but I love surprises, most of all at Christmas. Unfortunately being a naturally born sleuth... (LOL) I'm exceptionally good at guessing what I'm getting by looking at the present. My DH gets so angry when I do figure it out and so I try not to. But lets flash back 2 years ago when my DH got me a Camera. He wrapped the box all pretty and then proceeded to say "look here's your gift" showing the present. To which i promptly said "oh good I've been wanting a camera" (all this by just looking at the present). I can't help it I'm good. It was a small compact rectangle box..and my camera was dying a slow death. Not to mention I know my DH.
Last year when we were going to my parents to surprise them for Christmas, I was in charge of packing the car. Being a wonderful tetris player and a sort of pack rat (not too bad though) I'm excellent at packing car trunks. Anyways, my Dh brought out my gift and I was excited to see it b/c I knew it was a new coffee pot! My DH must have saw my face b/c he got all huffy. And I didn't even say a thing! But he did surprise me last year with a beautiful necklace. He also didn't show it to me wrapped.. LOL . This y
ear he told me he wised up b/c he wrapped my gift with a pillow in a bigger box. But I'll tell you what, I think it's a Nintendo DS with animal crossings for the game. We'll see b/c I'm not telling my DH that I know.
Today was sewing day. I made a crayon roll. which this is the only photo I took before wrapping. I'm horrible at forgetting to get the final product picture. Even though my sewing machine was fixed (for a pretty penny) I think that there is something wrong with it. Well I have 2 more crayon rolls and a few other things to sew for people but I'm working on a shawl for my grandma since we're going to visit her.. she don't have any Internet! GASP... I'll talk with you when I get back. (christmas eve night)

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jessica said...

Hope you had a good Christmas! Can't wait to see if you were right!