Thursday, December 20, 2007

Finally my First round of Gifts

I finished my first round of gifts. Before I wrapped them all up I had to get in some free labor.. er I mean the girls helped me to make our ornaments this year. I got the idea from my friend Kelly. She, I think, got the idea from another friend. Since the girls are OBSESSED with snow globes this year. (I blame Santa Clause3) I thought it would be a perfect ornament to give out this year. They turned out really cute. That is my day 9 photo and day 10 is this bright "fruit" colored cup cozy (as the bub calls it)
We gave it to her teacher b/c she likes fruit colors. You know red for apples, orange for oranges and yellow for lemons... need I explain more? I made 3 coffee cup cozies and put all kinds of goodies inside to give to my co-workers and the bub's teacher. I snapped a ton of photos and thought I would share with you what I put in each cup..
cup things, like packets of cup o soup, coffee, purell, and a gift card. when I wrapped it, I attached an ornament.
Our family members will also get an ornament and also some friends of ours. The girls really love making them and it makes a fun tradition.
I must get off and go finish the 100 million other gifts I've got waiting in the wings...


Ladyrunner said...

I love the mug cozies!!!

jessica said...

Sorry I haven't been around, your like the queen of blogging now! Love your cozy's!!! can't wait to see the ornaments in person :O) Talk to you soon!

Kate said...

I love the mug cozies, where did you find the pattern? I would love to make a few of them.