Tuesday, December 18, 2007

In time for Christmas?

Yummo here's my pix of the day. It seems to be fueling me these days as I'm in craft mode major. (sorry if you can't see the pix really well, it's a dark one)
I have finished the coffee cup cozy that I shared with you yesterday and I'm about halfway through another one. Then I have one more of those to make and those are done. After the cozies I will finish my Grandma's shawl and a few more necklaces. Actually I made 2 more necklaces last week. I've yet to photograph them though. One is actually wrapped and all ready to go out to a friend so I'll have to get her to take a pix for me. When I'm done with all the necklaces I've got some crayon and marker rolls to sew, and a few other sewn things I'm not going to talk about b/c it's a surprise. After that I've still got a few stockings and a baby blanket to finish. I think that's it... all supposed to be done in a week?? All my family should know by now that their gifts will be late just to stretch out the Christmas holiday. LOL
Well I'm watching the biggest loser finale and I've got things to make.

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Oslofia said...

Looks like you have your hands full Allena. I have to make 2 crochet hats, and a pair of wristwarmers before I can say I'm done with x-mas presents. Then I have to finish up the patterns for the kal, that'll be my Saturday project :)