Monday, December 17, 2007

Today is for Knitting

Today is my day to try and finish up all those knitted gifts for teachers etc. I swear next year I'm starting in October. I'm seriously feeling the crunch! Which is why this photo is also my Photo for my Project 365/52. This is what my days, this week, will be filled with.
So I got the idea for these from 1. Ravelry (the cozy)and 2. My sister (filling it with cool stuff) who got it from a blog out there. If it's you're blog please LMK it was you! Anyways I'm going to finish these Coffee Cup Cozies and put them on a mug filled with goodies. I.E. Purell, tea, coffee, box o chalk, candy canes.. etc. Anyways, must got finish, and I've got Christmas Cards to mail yet... EEEK!!!

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