Sunday, December 16, 2007

Experiment in color part two.

I was away from the computer all day yesterday. First I started at my WW meeting and I thought I'd take a pix of the scale for my own motivation and for my Project 365 pix of the day. Then we ran to the store to pick up my DH's last Christmas gift. Then we headed home to get lunch. As the girls watched some Christmas movies I dyed some yarn. But I'll have to talk about that in my Experiment in color part 3. So for my part 2 info I made another collage. The first pix is a pix of all of the yarn together that I dyed. In order The first green I dyed using about 12 or so Lemon-lime mix ade. The second I used some leaf green Wilton's cake dye. The 3rd was foliage green (if i remember the name correctly) Wilton's cake dye. The blue's I'm not so happy about. I used some Wilton's cake dye that I got in a Spiderman kit. so it was just called dark blue. But the blue didn't dye evenly it has some light and dark areas and some purpleish-pink shows through. the 2nd and 3rd blue photos are the same skein. you can see the light blue did the same as the dark blue. you can see the unevenness of the dye. I'm not sure why it did that. any comments? the last blue I used 15 berry-blue mix-ade, it dyed evenly so i was happy about that. after I was done dying this batch I went to the store to get more of the cornflower blue to get that dark blue color I got the last time I dyed. That's what I was doing when I dyed yesterday.
Oh that last photo is a stocking that I made for my BIL for Christmas. We're living in Steeler country people!

Speaking of the Steelers, today my photo of the day is of the fam in their Steelers garb watching the game. Go Steelers! too bad they lost.
The weather isn't nice lately. It was raining/snowing/slushing this horrible crap. So we stayed home all day today;. Which was nice b/c we totally needed a day off. I was able to get the girls to go through all their toys and pick out 20 each of them to keep the rest are boxed to give to goodwill. A friend of mine does this with her children (all 6 of them) only she does 10 each. Their room looks so much nicer now and the girls were so happy to "find" their most prized toys. After Christmas we'll give them a month with their new things and then have them decide which ones from the old ones need to go to make room for the new toys. Though they're not getting too many new toys a few book though. We don't have a limit on books. OK I'm rambling...

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