Sunday, December 30, 2007

Today was a day OFF!

I actually got a day off today. Well not completely. My youngest has a cold so I stayed home with her so not to infect all the kiddies at church. Though I think that's where she got it b/c she really didn't go anywhere else this past week. OH well. We spent the day watching movies and just trying to rest so we can get better.
I (instead of watching Barbie the Princess and the Pauper for the millionth time) played this game Trace Memory, so that is why it's my Pix of the day. (I beat it too) It's a story game that you have to figure out riddles and other things so it was fun for me. I got it for real cheap used too so that was fun!
It was really nice not having to do much today, it's rare. I knit some too, but nothing finished. I'm still working on some Christmas presents so I may wait till I send out the packages to share pix.
well I'm off to catch up on things. (at least try to!)

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