Monday, April 28, 2008

My week, last week, in pix.

Wow it's been a week since I last posted. and this post has surprisingly taken 3 days to do. the first day I uploaded photos the second I started writing and realized I'd forgotten to upload some photos (Thursday and Friday to be exact) so i had to go back and do that and organize my Flickr Project 365 set.. sooo here you go. (my week in it's entirety)
I guess that's life for you. Here's my week in pictures, if you'd like more "background" on the pix i have captions on them over at flickr.
Saturday I made some Italian Bread. My sister finally
hooked me up! I'm actually baking some right now.

Sunday I snapped a pix of my restarted flat bottom Elisa's Nest Tote bag. (rav link) But I'm having problems finishing it, I think I'm board with it. which sucks b/c everyone loves knitting it. and I just love the colors of this bag. so bright and cheery!

Monday I sent out an SOS to my sister. Need more coffee! But even if you're not my sister and you'd like to send me some feel free. I gladly take free gifts of good coffee!
Hint Hint, Wink Wink.

Tuesday was a beautiful day. I snapped a photo of these flowers right before I cut them and put them on my table. They smelled wonderful.

Wednesday I finished a felted bag that I started on Monday. It's my pattern. (Rav link) It's also crochet'd I took it with me to my knitting night out and every one there liked it.

Thursday I started knitting Mr Greenjeans. I'm really liking this pattern. Right now I'm waiting for Sock Wars to start so I wanted something simple yet fun to fill the wait until the war starts. I also joined a Stash Knit Down 08 group over at Ravelry. The group encourages shopping from your stash first before shopping your LYS. so I stash dived and found some pretty grey wool blend I'd bought in Germany.

Friday I took use of the sunny weather and snapped a photo of my tote in daylight (and let it dry faster too). That night was my LYS's knitting night. I brought it with my projects inside and everyone liked my bag.

Saturday we went to a Pirates game and this was our view. it was a lot of fun for all of us. it's the first in 8 games we'll be going to this summer. My DH loves the pirates so we bought an 8 pack tickets for the family. It equals about 1 time a month. it's nice b/c it's a great family day. The Sock Wars gauge (rav link) is out (8 spi) and I've got to stop at the LYS for size 2 needles, I swatched on my favorite 1's but have to go up a size, 2 weeks and counting. How exciting is this?

Sunday, after a vote at church and a nice dinner at a favorite restaurant we came home to a nice quite night. I sewed some pants for the bead. She fits the 3T in the waist but the pants are starting to get really short on her. So I took some fabric and old jeans of mine or my DH's and made them in to pants for her. The jeans ones in this photo I actually sewed on Saturday and she wore them to the pirates game. the green ones I made on Sunday.I added pockets to them b/c she just loves pockets.

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