Monday, May 5, 2008

almost all sewing

Almost all my project 365 photos this past week was sewing photos! Go figure. I can feel my creativity growing and just rolling. It's wonderful! for a while there I was really worried that I'd lost all my creativity.
Luckily I just needed some sle
ep and time to focus on what is true and real.
so to start out I sewed the girls some skirts and dresses. The bub got the skirts, and the bead some dresses. they were super easy to make b/c it was the ready made fabric. So it was one sew up the back and the skirts were done, but for the bead had to put some straps on her sun dresses to hold them up. they look really cute! she wore the big flowered one Sunday and it looked really cute!
I've started a new pair of socks, I'm writing up a pattern for my sister to test for me. I have to finish the pattern this month so she has a pair of socks to knit for next month. (she's knitting a pair a month) I'm using some sock yarn I dyed a while ago using Wilton's cake dye. it's uneven but I'm really liking the color!
But I didn't really work that much on the socks b/c I've been absorbed with sewing sock bags. Last week I worked on some Sock Wars sock bags. In this photo I'm showing how I'm ready for Sock Wars (starting on Saturday)I can't think of a better mother's day frantically knitting away on socks in fear of my life! What fun! My sock yarn and needles found themselves at home in this other sock bag that I made, it has a beautiful Hawaiian print on the outside and some sparkly stars on the inside. (I heart stars). I've sent the pink ribbon sock bag to my sister. I hope she'll enjoy the weapon bag! This week I'll be working on some regular sock bags and I'll be posting them in my etsy store. (why not stop over and check them out later this week)
On Friday my plea for coffee was fulfilled by the bestest sister in the world! I'm drinking the Guatemalan coffee now. it's delish! Thanks so much jess!
This past weekend it was rainy and yucky out. and my DH had to work all day Saturday so I spent a lot of time moving my bedroom around. I also painted 1/2 of my bedroom a beautiful green color.why half you say? b/c I
painted as I rearranged my room. and I was tuckered out when I finished and I didn't feel like moving the furniture that was staying where it was. I will finish painting the room later this week I suppose. I figured a photo of a green wall wasn't too interesting so I snapped a photo of what I did the rest of the evening, knitting. For my after dinner treat, nothing tastes better than some Oreos with milk.
Monday the girls and I planted some seeds inside to get some seedlings to plant outside when the time is right. I told them 7-10 days and we'll start seeing some sprouts. They are so excited to actually see the seeds have
sprouted and are growing. (it's almost a mini science lesson at home but don't tell them that) Of course the cucumbers went fast, personally the tomatoes are what I'm looking forward to. but now that means I'll have to actually get around to digging up a garden in the backyard. UGH... oh well it will be a good workout! (I need to get to know someone with a rototiller)


jessica said...

I'm loving my weapons bag and can't wait to start using it!!! Thanks for posting about your plants, it motivated joe and I to start ours... I just hope we're not too late!

*You beter put those bags up on your esty site soon, because I'm going to plug it on my blog too:O)

Suzanne said...

Wow, have you been busy!! Love the bags. Can't do my garden yet, its a little too cold here at night yet. Soon!! Thanks for all your great pics.