Friday, June 6, 2008

Social Spark

SocialSpark is a new way that you can make money on your blog. If you are a stay at home momma like me it's an excellent way to connect and help support the household. I just signed up and you can also. (just click the link to get started) I'm just getting used to the site so some of it is unfamiliar to me. So far it's OK. I was a little annoyed when at first when I tried to get my blog approved, supposedly it (my blog) wasn't able to be searched for in the major search engines, which is weird b/c it truly is. Go ahead Google Star Knits. OK see what I mean, then it said I didn't have enough posts and I almost didn't continue on with it. Then my friend Pam said to try again, so I did and I was approved. So now I've been reserving opportunities. It's similar to Pay Per Post where you have qualified opportunities to choose from but from what I've seen you put the ones you want into a queue and then you are contacted when it's available. It could be that the ones I'm picking are the ones everyone is picking, I'm not sure. LOL But that's the only thing that's bothered me. I like the site and I'm sure you will too! (go sign up!)
If you do sign up here's My profile, add me as a friend. Just a little shameless plug for myself. I'd like to be popular and get my name out there Star Knits.

I'm off to go make some money

this post has been brought to you today by Pay Per Post

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