Friday, June 6, 2008

Where's the freakin AC?

UGH! it's so freaking hot here I can't stand it. So I guess I owe you guys an answer to my photo question what exactly was this photo of? and how did it happen? well some of you were close in your answers.
It's a typical story of motherhood forgetfulness or absentmindedness.
Lately the girls have been at each other, I'm not sure if it's the age, air or the fact that it's summer. So on said day, The bub (the eldest and should know better) was complaining about unloading the dishwasher while she was doing it (it's one of her jobs) Beady (the youngest) was whining and saying she was hungry. So I got out her request (chicken nuggets, go figure) and put them on a plate to microwave them. Then the girls started bickering with each other b/c Beady was helping to unload the dishwasher and must not have been doing it the way Bub wanted it done so they were fighting (yet again) Finally I said "will you both stop it I need some quiet right now" and I put the dish in the microwave set it and walked away. As I cleaned off the table and just picked up the typical floor mess, I thought to myself "that's weird I didn't hear the ding" and "what's that smell" I went back into the kitchen and found that I'd put the dish in the toaster oven and turned the dial instead of putting it in the microwave like I'd thought. so we has spaghetti instead! **In my defense the toaster oven is directly above the microwave and both are white. ** so that photo is actually a yellow kids plate that didn't last long in the toaster oven.
Today it is so super humid and hot! Luckily we set up our pool yesterday.(it was a cheap easy set pool we thought we'd get our money's worth this summer) so today we took a dip. The girls enjoyed it. As did I! It's rather shallow (30 inches) so I simply sat in the pool cooling off. That is when I wasn't walking around the pool on my hands with a girl or two on my back. I think I may need to get new sunscreen b/c even though it's waterproof and I put some on....well let's say I'm a tad red. And that's not talking about my hair.
That's my goal for tomorrow morning, get sunscreen. Pretty pathetic goal huh? Oh well my DH is working (yet again) so we must do something, we may walk to the store down the street. We do have a Pirates game to go to tomorrow night/afternoon. So that should be fun.
I'm sure the girls will want to swim again. I think I may have to get a few chemicals to get the water to perfect pool condition. But I probably won't add them till the night time so it will give it time to do it's thing.
anyways I'm babbling and there's Raveling to do.

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Crochet Diva said...

I feel ya... Kids can be demanding, and when things are hectic, I've often done things like that... :)