Monday, June 9, 2008

This weekend

My bag is finally dry, so of course I had the girls wear them again. this one is the Bub, the bag shrunk considerably! I'll have to take a normal photo of the bag, looking like a bag not a hat... LOL
Saturday Night we went to a Pirates game for our family night. it was HOT!!! I don't know if I mentioned it but I don't like to sweat. esp if I'm just sitting there watching a baseball game.
OK you got me I was knitting socks for Death by Socks. (like sock wars but on a smaller scale and a different, more clear pattern). It started Saturday so I took my knitting with me to the game and knit knit knit, and drank some water. I've decided I must be a slow knitter b/c I've only got about 3 inches on the socks done... sigh. Oh well it's fun.
Sunday Night we had another game to go to. This time it was with our church and a AA Baseball game, The Altoona Curve. After the game they had fireworks. They were great, and I got to use the fireworks setting on my camera. Much fun was had by all!


Suzanne said...

The look on your younger daughters face cracks me up. It looks like she is saying, "Oh no, I hope she doesn't have one of those in my size!" How funny.
Bag looks beautiful btw.

Crochet Diva said...

LOL @ "kids wearing the bag"... My baby does this on her own. She thinks everything is a hat. Great bag! :)