Tuesday, June 17, 2008

it consumes everything.

It was hot last week and the girls spent most of their time in the pool. My DH got in with them one day. They were having fun trying to squirt me with their toys. I liked this photo and thought I would share.
Last week i was concerned with getting my garden going. I
know I'm a little late but I figured I should at least try. I was able to pick up some transplants but some I tried from seed. we'll see how it goes through the summer. I'm excited as I love fresh veggies. I'm also planning on canning some of the surplus and also sharing some with people who will need it. I planted red onions, garlic 4 types of tomatoes. some cucumbers, zucchini, beans, 4-5 different types of peppers, some basil, lavender, rosemary, thyme, pumpkins and watermelons, I'm sure there's some I forgot. we'll see when I harvest.
Being in the garden so much I've only been able to knit at night. My progress on my Death by Socks is going. Not as fast as I'd hoped but going. I'm still alive so I'm happy, I'm actually doing the heel flaps now. I hope to finish soon. The foot is all ST st so it should go faster. I'm really liking the pattern. though I think it would show up much better in a solid, but this yarn is what I got gauge in so I'm sticking with it. Lucky for me starting Friday and Saturday it rained. The 2 Advantages of the rain are 1 I don't have to water the garden, and 2 I get to knit almost all the time!
Though it's been dreary at times the sun comes out and we go out to play. Of course
the bead finds the puddles to jump in. This one just happens to be in the pool cover, but I thought I'd snap a photo before telling her to stop b/c it's not safe to play there. shortly after it started to rain again so we came in. Fun fun!

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