Monday, June 23, 2008

A Fun Birthday Gift.

Sunday we had 2 birthday parties to go to. One was for our neighbor's son who was turning 3. He loves spider man and all kinds of super heroes so we got him some fun little figures to play with. The other party was for friends of ours youngest son, who turned 1. Since he has 4 older brothers (and one older sister) I figured that he probably has everything a 1 year old could want. So Friday I got out my sewing machine and fabric and started thinking.. If I were a baby boy, who was just turning 1 what would I want? The answer that popped into my mind was "Something soft, fun, bright, and from out of this world." using some ideas from some finger puppets I made for my nephew, and watching Ghost Busters for research, I came up with Radar.
He's an Mutant Alien. His species is Not Octo (as in not an octopus) He was born 6-22-08. Radar has 6 legs, 3 teeth, one eye, and a mop of hair on top. He's big enough to fill the Bead's (my 3 year old) arms. Sorry I didn't measure him before I packaged him. What do you think? Good enough for a 1 year old?
I started him Saturday afternoon and then finished him in the wee hours of Sunday morning b/c we had a baseball game that we went to on Saturday. And with the construction on the way home we didn't get home till 12. There's always construction here in PA. (rolling eyes). I did get to watch a fun original Star Trek at 1 AM.
When the girls got up the next morning they wanted to play with him, hug him and kiss him. They had to do each of them before I put him in the gift bag. So I think he p
assed the kid test!
When the Bub flipped him over she got all excited and said "He has a tag like you bought him from a store!" LOL the things that kids say. anyways we had to leave before they opened the presents so I'm unsure of if he liked the present or not. And you know me, I'm a worrier. So I'm a tad worried if they liked Radar or not.
if you'd like some more photos go to my Flickr photostream.
I'm pondering if I make a few more Aliens, if they would sell on etsy. What do you think?

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Pamela said...

Hey, those Starknits tags - are they just stickers or fabric? I want to make some, but thought I'd ask the expert! Radar turned out great!