Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Horror

As I looked out my back door Tuesday I gasped. To my horror my tomato support structure had fallen over. I ran out to my garden to see up close and fix the problem.
I had to trim/cut off about half of each plant. I harvested all the big tomatoes, most of them green. A couple of weeks ago I tried some fried green tomatoes and I didn't like them too much. It could have been the recipe I used. I've set the tomatoes on my window's ledge to ripen.
I was so upset I forgot to snap a photo of the horror, but I did remember to snap when I was done. I'm not sure if you can tell but the plants are really trimmed down now. I'm hoping it won't hurt the tomatoes still on the vines.
Today it rained on and off all day so my garden is getting good and watered. It was a good day to curl up and read. so that's what I did. Now i've got to go to the library and pick up some more books. Maybe tomorrow.

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jen said...

o no, that's too bad! i've never had green tomatoes...hope you've been able to salvage them!