Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Finished, sent and received!

I spent the last 3 months or so knitting and praying for my SPSS2 partner. I was also writing up the pattern for these socks. I sent them off to my partner on Tuesday. I hope she likes them when she gets them. I didn't have time to block them so they're rough so to speak. I also sent a prayer book and a sock bag that I made. I always get nervous when I've sent a package. UGH.
Anyways I got my package in the mail today. It was a lovely package as you can see. The soap smells wonderful btw. I keep smelling it over and over. YUM! The stitch marker is sooo cute and the wash cloths are wonderful. I got sooo spoiled. The socks are the best colors, purple, green and brown. The pattern is great. I'm not sure what it is so I asked my partner.
I'm working on quite a few projects these days. I finally finished my reusable grocery tote. I started using the Elisa Nest Tote I modified the pattern a bit. I've decided that it's my fave bag that I've made so far. It's easily used for everything. I think if I make another I'll follow the Grrlfriend Market bag pattern (rav link). But that's b/c I like the way the bottom works.
anyways off to knit on the I-cord for my bro's Christmas present (last year's) I'm about halfway done! YIPPIE!


Julie said...

The socks are fabulous and I was very lucky to get them from you. The design is excellent too. I can't imagine a better pair of socks made for me! You did great.

Pamela Foreman said...

I love the socks! Those are the same colors I'm using for my bag! Great package!